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This is a letter saying how to obtain the of luck!

Hello to all of you Alien Abduction (A.K.A. McPherson Tape) and UFO  
Abduction fans! 
I am very honored to have received literally hundreds of e-mails
 since my letter was published on  Your
 descriptions of how the video scared the you-know-what out of you
 was greatly appreciated. I look forward to creating more of those
 kind of reactions on my next project.
Okay, so here's the scoop on getting my video...
As you read in my letter, we are selling ONLY the ORIGINAL video
 that the UPN show was based on, called UFO ABDUCTION (Dick Clark
 Productions owns Alien Abduction/McPherson Tape, not me -- sorry). 
 However, it was my original infamous video that convinced the
 entire world-wide UFO community that an actual alien abduction had 
finally been captured on video!  It was hailed as the greatest UFO 
hoax of all time and was featured on the FOX Network paranormal 
series ENCOUNTERS.  I have included that TV segment for the first 
time with this video.  This never-before-released video is available 
for only $19.95 PLUS $4.95 shipping and handling (shipping costs 
vary outside the US). Please make out checks or money orders to 
CA 90048.  For credit card purchases please e-mail us your name, 
credit card number, expiration date, and billing address for the 
credit card. We will send you a confirmation of your credit card 
charges via email. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery.         

Thank you again for all of your e-mails and keep watching the skies! 
Dean Alioto

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