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Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batgirl, helps
Batman and Robin fight crimes, even if she's not
really invited.  For example, when she was new, 
she wasn't exactly called over by Batman and
Robin to help them out.  Barbara Gordon is the
daughter of the police commissioner, Commissioner

Apparently, Dick and Barbara have (or did have) 
something in the show for eachother.  I know the
comics may say that in obvious tones, but leave 
me be. :o)  Anyway, in the episode "You Scratch
My Back", you saw a picture of Dick and Barbara
together.  Of course, Dick's attitude had changed
somewhat, and he was stand-offish towards her 
which leads me to believe that whatever they had
is over.  In the movie they made, "Subzero", Dick
and Barbara had something, but what happened 
between then and now, no one is really sure (unless
some of you have seen "Batman: Lost Years...)

I dont have much to say on this character, because
for some reason, her history never striked me quite
so interesting as the others.  Sorry, to those who
were expecting expertise on it. :o)

What will your destination be?

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