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Greetings!!  Here, in Gotham City, lurks several
dangers.  Watch out for the madmen of this town.  Dont
mistake the good ones for the bad ones though.  If you
see a man in a cowl, cape, and tights, not to worry,
that's only Batman!  I have two sections for Batman
because there are two separate kinds of Batman, as
you'll soon find out.  Feel free to roam the streets,
but be careful! Joker is lurking around somewhere.


Places to go...

Earlier Batman: My page on the Batman series from the 60s....swing on in and see what I have!
Recent Batman....: My page on the Animated Batman (meaning Adventures of Batman and Robin, New Batman/Superman Adventures, ect).
A poem about Batman....: This doesn't really FIT in any particular section...more over of both...check it out!
A poem about Nightwing....: Check out my most recent poem about Nightwing!
Where's Waldo?: Somewhere in this art project, I have drawn Batman...see if you can find him, and look for other interesting images as well!
What's New?: Find out what's new on my site!!
Or back to the main page....:


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