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Bam!  Pow!  Biff!!  Batman and Robin swing into
action!  The 60s series of Batman was one of my
favorite shows.  It still is.  With Adam West as
Batman, and Burt Ward as Robin, both made  the 
show completely enjoyable.  With humorous dialogue
to rediculous traps, they showed the world that 
men in tights were not people to joke about! Roam
around here and see what you can find...I dont 
have much up yet, but I will soon!

I am in the process of writing episode summaries for
each episode, so have patience!  Also, I dont know if
any of you remember the commercial that came on FX, but
it was the Rockin' Robin song, and it was a Robin 
commercial!  If any of you know where to find it, please
please PLEASE with a cherry on top e-mail me!

Also, if anyone has any stories they've written about
Batman, please feel free to send them to me, and I would 
be more than happy to post them.

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