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Randy Beamon Stories

{Note: I did NOT copy these from any sites...I actually sat down and
wrote down every single one of these stories for my page...I hope I'm
not violating anything, but if I am, this is to say that it's 

"Okay, one time, Randy Beamon put ketchup on his shirt and fell over in
the driveway acting like he croaked, and his mom, Mrs Beamon, she 
freaked out with screaming and he laughed cuz he was a tricker, and she
grounded Randy Beamon for 30 years.  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, so one time, Randy Beamon's cat ate this fish from a fish tank,
but the fish was a parana, and it lived inside the cat forever and the
cat became parana cat.  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, one time, Randy Beamon knew this creepy guy and Randy Beamon says
to him 'Get lost', and so he did and nobody ever saw the guy.  It's 
true!  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, one time, Randy Beamon had to take baths with his brother, so
one time his brother took a potty in the bath and Randy Beamon gets to
take showers by himself.  'Kay, bye."

"Know what?  Okay, one time, Randy Beamon ate some corn flakes, but it
wasn't corn flakes, it was his brother's scab collection.  'Kay, bye."

"One time, okay, see, one time, Randy Beamon's little brother ate pop
rocks and drank a soda at the same time and his head exploded.  'Kay,

"Okay, what happened is one time, Randy Beamon went on a trip with his
dad andthey picked up a lady that wanted a ride home, and this was in
Kansas, and she sat in the back seat and when they got where she wanted
to go, they turned around, and she was gone!  And Randy Beamon's dad
talked to the man who lived there and told him what the lady looked
like, and the man said 'Oh, that's my wife, but she died for years ago.'
Spooky, huh?  'Kay, bye."

"One time, Randy Beamon woke up at night and he saw Dracula, but he
thought it wasn't Dracula, just some clothes hanging up, then he turned
on the light, and it really was Dracula!  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, so see, one time, Randy Beamon's mom's best friend who's name is
Linda wanted to get a tan more than anything, so she went to a tanning 
salon and she stayed in too long and she boiled her guts.  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, this is scary.  See, one time, Randy Beamon was asleep, and he
heard a 'scratch, scratch' on the window, and he woke up and nothing
was there.  So the next night, he heard a 'scratch, scratch, scratch'
on the floor, and he woke up, and there was nothing there.  And so the
next night, he heard a 'scratch, scratch, scratch' on his bed, and he
woke up, and do you know what it was?  His mom's Lee Press-On Nails 
came alive, and they were after Randy Beamon!  Aaaaaaaaahhhh!  'Kay,

"Okay, one time, Randy Beamon's sister, see, one time, she was making
a really ugly face, and Randy Beamon's mom said 'stop it, your face 
will get stuck like that'...and it did.  Heh.  'Kay, bye."

"You know what?  One time, Randy Beamon's uncle Roy blew his nose so
hard, his brains came out.  True.  'Kay, bye."

"Okay, see, one time in the cafeteria, Randy Beamon was eating a 
balogna sandwich, and Jason made this gross noise (ttthhhwwwttt) and
he laughed so hard, balogna came out of his nose."

"One time, okay, see, one time, Randy Beamon's family had this party
with food and stuff, and they had like this bean dip for the chips, and
everybody ate it and said it was good, but it wasn't bean dip, it was
a mistake, it was really dog food."

"Okay, so this is true.  Randy Beamon's dad, Mr Beamon, who is smart, 
said to eat lots of carrots to get to see really good in the dark, and
so Randy Beamon ate carrots all the time and turned orange.  'Kay, bye."

Heh, that's all for now!  If you have any you know of that I missed, let
me know! :o)

Leaving Randy Beamon? Well...if you insist...

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