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Boromir, son of Denethor

Boromir is son of Denethor, who is Steward
of Gondor.  He goes to Rivendell, as he has 
dreamed of a halfling.  He takes a part in 
the Council of Elrond, and is chosen to be
one of two representatives of men during
the Fellowship of the Ring.  He tries to 
convince Frodo that using the ring as a weapon
would be the wisest decision, but no one
agrees.  After the company passes through
the Mines of Moria, they reach Lothlorien,
but Boromir does not wish to go, for the 
rumors he's heard of the White Lady.  He is
assured that there is no evil unless someone
brings evil with them.  After a short stay, 
they are given boats by the Elves of 
Lothlorien, along with some other items.  
When it comes time to decide where their 
paths are to lead them, Frodo goes to think
by himself.  Boromir catches him off gaurd,
and again tries to convince Frodo to go to
Gondor and save his people with the ring.
When Frodo declines the offer, Boromir gets
very angry, and tries to take the ring from
Frodo.  Frodo puts on the ring, and gives 
him the slip.  After Boromir begins gaining
his senses, he realizes what he's done, but
it's too late -- Frodo has disappeared, and
surely will not come to him.  He tells the 
party what has happened, and they split up
to find him.  Merry and Pippin run into some
orcs, and Boromir begins to fight off the
orcs.  However, he can only take so many
arrows, and though he is blowing his horn, 
the rest of the company is battling orcs
as well.  He dies trying to save the hobbits,
and takes quite a few arrows before he does
so.  Aragorn arrives too late, and speaks 
with Boromir.  Boromir confesses he tried
to take the ring from Frodo, but he has now
paid for it.  He asks Aragorn to promise him
he will go to Minis Tirith and defend his
people.  Aragorn agrees, and Boromir dies.
Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas put his body in 
one of the boats, and sends it down the river,
as a funeral.  Thus ends the story of Boromir.

Where among the river do you wish to go?

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