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:(  I dont have a pic of her yet....

Catalina is a Saturnian who  can sonic blast 
ANYTHING (which isn't too pleasant for Radu).  
She's strong headed and she always seems to be 
arguing with Harlan.  She does make some jokes 
about Radu but she sticks up for him too.  
Catalina's parents died when she was young, then 
a short time later, she began seeing Suzee, her 
"imaginary" friend.  People thought she was crazy, 
even Harlan at times.  She celebrates  holiday, 
ZaBaGaBe, where they dress up in rainbowed clothing, 
dance, ring little bells, and chant for a full week.  

I think Cat was a REALLY cool character, with her 
opinions.  In "It's My Birthday, Too (yeah!)", she 
kept sticking up for Radu, and she tried to help them 
become friends (like tugging on her ear!  It didn't 
quite work out, but it was worth a shot).  She also 
helped Radu find out WHY Harlan disliked him (or, 
according to Elmira, was afraid of him).  In "A Day in 
the Life", she found out and told him.  Radu was saying 
it in his log.  Cat has been a great help in escaping 
the Fernaherna and she's one of my favorite female 

Where is your next traveling expedition?

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