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Welcome to Catwoman's Lair!

Welcome one and all to the cat-lair!  Here is where you meet
Catwoman, the REAL Catwoman!  Dont get me wrong, Lee 
Meriwhether was good, as well as Eartha Kitt, but NOBODY
can replace Julie Newmar as Catwoman!  She was purr-fect
as Catwoman, and still stands as the best Catwoman ever

Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle (did I spell that right?)
is one of Batman and Robin's prime adversaries.  Both 
cunning and beautiful, she is a very dangerous cat! You
dont want to cross paths with this black cat, it may just
be the worst stroke of luck for those that are in her way!
In the show, she does have a thing for Batman, as she 
shows every once in a while, but with Batman dedicated to
fighting crime, and refusing to give up his partner in crime,
Robin, Catwoman must try and destroy the Dynamic Duo.  Hey,
Batman and Robin do meddle in her affairs, what else is a
feline to do?  Catwoman's classic response, when she asks
if Batman will join her as partners, and Batman says "What
about Robin?", she comes in with a classic "Oh, I've got it!
We'll kill him!"  Watch out for this feline criminal, citizens,
for she is one dangerous cookie!

Where can Catwoman's Kittens show you to now?

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