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T.J. Davenport is (or was, after seeing "Long Distance 
Calls) the vice-principal of the Starcademy, but after 
being in space, she now teaches the students.  Both 
Goddard and Ms Davenport agreed to a "shedule" where 
there's time for duty AND classwork.  

I think it's kind of funny about the commanding ranks.  
In the starcademy, Ms Davenport has a higher rank than 
Goddard.  But on the ship, they seem equal, or even, Goddard's 
orders are taken far more seriously than Ms Davenport's.  
:::shrugs:::  Maybe it's just me. I think that she's a 
really good character.  It shows that not all people are 
calm and cool.  Plus, she teaches things useful.  Like, 
for example, the E.T.E. on "A star is Boring"!!  And in 
"Both Sides Now", she may have done it where it almost 
killed them, but she showed them that they're lucky to 
be themselves. Hey, she may be a teacher that's always 
frantic and fainting, but she's a cool character.

What else is there to see?

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