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Youíre sitting in your livingroom, flipping through channels.  Boredom
fills your mind as you desperately hope that something interesting 
happens.  Each channel you pass by, youíve seen, and you find that
itís hopeless.  Finally, after searching relentlessly for a decent
program that ISNT a rerun, you turn to the preview channel.  

You tiredly throw the remote to the floor and begin to watch the 
screen as the different programs listed are shown.  

The first few channels you see are the same things, and you find
nothing of interest in them.  Suddenly, you see something....your
favorite movie coming on right now!!  Excited, you search for the
remote, not finding it anywhere -- where did it go??  Your eyes then
wander along, and your mind fills with dread as you realize that you
had, only moments ago, thrown it 6 feet away from you.  What do you

One impulse tells you to get up and get it....after all, how often
does this chance get? Your most favorite movie, JUST starting, and you
have time to watch it!!  But on the other hand, itís so very far away.
Six entire feet away! How will you manage??  And if you DO get up and
get it, you have this sinking  feeling that if you get up, and return
to your seat, then your perfectly comfortable and wonderful seat will
then become uncomfortable...youíll have to strain yourself to make
that spot comfortable again. 

Besides, whatís so wrong with the preview channel, you think.  They
have pretty interesting things!!  But what if it happens again? What
if you sit, watching the relentless previews pass by, and another
thing you love is shown?? You would regret not getting it the first
time, and youíd be in the same dilemma!!  Your mind races for a
solution, minutes have gone by, and still no decision.  If thereís any
decision to make, it would be now...your favorite movie is going to
start any time now, and you certainly wouldnít want to miss it.....

Sighing, you get up and walk to the channel changer.  You snatch the
small object from the floor and smile, very much proud of yourself.
You then turn to the television and change it.  Ah, your favorite
movie! Yes!  A wry smile appears on your face, and you return to your
original spot on the couch.  You freeze as you sit down, and frown.

It is just as it was predicted.....your spot is no longer comfortable!

The End

Coming soon: MORE DILEMMAS!

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