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Requiem for a Shower

You’re getting ready for a potentially hot date, and you want to look
your best.  This particular person you’ve been just DYING to date for
months now, and here’s your chance to impress them!  You quickly
gather your things for a shower and rush in.  

As you turn on the water, test it’s temperature, and turn it to the
shower faucet, you remove your towel; the only thing covering you.
You then crawl into the shower and begin to form a lather from the
soap in your hand, when you hear the phone ring.  Horror comes to your
mind as you realize that you have two choices, and two alone:

One part of your mind screams at you to race out and grab the phone.
After all, it COULD be your date checking up on you!!  There’s no one
in the house, and no one will see you.  On the other hand, you would
leave a trail of water behind you, and your mother will be FURIOUS if
she finds out.  Drying yourself off would take too much time, and the
person on the phone may hang up before then!

But on the other hand, what if it ISNT your date? What if it’s some
solicitor selling some odd products for the opposite sex? Would i
really be worth it to be in trouble with your mother??  And wha
about the window you casually left open??  There are SOME sickos in
the world, and your neigbor has been looking at you in a STRANGE way
for the last few days.  This may be a perfect opportunity at your
neighbor, but certainly not for you!  

A look of panic creases your face as you try in a vain attempt to
decide.  The phone constantly taunts you with it’s excessive ringing.
Finally, you break the hasty decision and swing open the door, racing
for the phone.  You quickly pick up the phone.

“Hello??” you say with an exasperated breath.

No reply.

“HELLO??” you repeat, twice as loud. 


The person has hung up.

The End

The moral of the story?  Dont make hasty decisions when you’re alone
in your house!!   They’ll almost always call back! :o)

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