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By: Me, Tato

Itís that time of year
The time that I dread
Where all of our knowledge
Is out of our head.

Now we have to study
ĎTil our minds are fried
Itís time to do finals
And wash away our pride.

Thereís no smiling through answers.
Ms Davenport doesnít buy it
Thereís no use seeking to remember
Believe me, Iíve tried it.

And now that we sit here
All in our bunk
We look through old homeworks
And hope we dont flunk.

Harlan looks nervous
And Bova looks dejected
Rosie looks worried
Suzee acts respected.

ďI dont need to study,Ē
she says with a grin
We all roll our eyes
And studying begins.

We look through the books
Thereís a frustrated sigh
We all seem really tense
As time goes on by.

Now itís been nearly hours
Weíve been over this before
Why cant it stay in my head
I still need to know more.

Oh, why does Ms Davenport
Cause us such troubles.
This happens  twice a year
Why does it come in doubles?

I listen intently
Throughout the entire ship
Oh, how I wished for a distraction
Like a spacial rip.

But all is calm and quiet
And now I must prepare
For when I enter the classroom
I must stay aware.

Iím dedicated to passing
I must accomplish this
And if I do,
I will be in perfect bliss...

For now, that is. :o)


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