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Frodo Baggins

Frodo baggins is a simple hobbit from the shire,
who inherits a magic ring from his Uncle Bilbo,
including all of BagEnd.  Soon after, Gandalf 
approaches him and tells him that this ring that
he has in his possession is the one ring, created
by the Dark Lord, Sauron.  They decide that it 
mustn't stay in the shire, and so Frodo makes 
plans to leave the Shire, and head for Bree, then
Rivendell.  On the way to Rivendell, he is stabbed
by a black rider, they are called Ringwraiths.  
He is healed by the magic of Elrond, but the wound
will stay with him for the rest of his life, and
he will always have a reminder of that dreadful
night.  He then sets out from Rivendell with 8
other people, they are the Fellowship of the Ring.
Their goal is to walk with Frodo and protect him
from the deadly Black Riders.  However, the 
fellowship breaks up, as the Urukai (a breed of orc)
attack the Fellowship.  Frodo sets off, but Sam
refuses to let him go alone.  Together, their journey
leads them to the worst place in middle earth:
Mordor, home of the Dark Lord.  They must take the
ring to the fires of Mount Doom, in the land of 
Mordor.  They run into Gollum, who guides them to
the Black Gate.  However, as they approach, Gollum
tells them there is another way, a more secret way.  
(warning: if you do not want to know what happens,
do not read on!)  Little do the hobbits know that 
this is a trap, and a gigantic, evil spider named
Shelob is waiting for her food inside this tunnel
that Gollum leads them to.  Frodo is bitten by the
large spider, and Sam thinks he's dead. Later he finds
that he is not, but now the orcs have him, and he must
get his master back.  Sam pulls it off, and Frodo and
Sam are off again, to Mount Doom.  They disguise 
themselves as orcs, but Frodo cant bear the weight
of the ring and the armor, as he was weakened from his
encounter with the orcs.  They trudge through Morder,
and finally reach Mount Doom, but Gollum has returned
and is waiting for them.  Sam holds him off, and
Frodo runs in to destroy the ring.  But when Sam 
follows after him, he finds Frodo has not destroyed
the ring, and does not intend to!  After their long
journey, the ring has finally taken Frodo.  He 
disappears in the Mountain, and Sam cannot find him.
He then sees Gollum wrestling with something invisible--
Mr. Frodo!  However, Gollum has the upper hand, and
bites the ring off Frodo's finger (Hence the name 
"Frodo of the Nine Fingers")  Gollum is so happy that
he finally got his "precious" that he jumps and dances
about....right off the cliff into the fires of Mount
Doom!  The ring is destroyed, and Frodo's journey has
come to an end.  They run for it, as the mountain 
starts to erupt, and just as they are about to die,
running from the lava right behind them, the eagles
come to the rescue once again, and they are lifted
and brought to the great white city.  Frodo then
returns to Hobbiton, only to find that it has been 
destroyed, and an evil force has taken it.  The four
hobbits that set out together overcome this maddening
evil, and all is well again.  However, Frodo still 
lives with the pain of the ring and his wound, and so
he sails off to the Grey Havens with the elves and

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