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Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Woods

The Lady Galadriel is keeper of one of
the three Elven rings, and they have
kept it out of the grasp of Mordor
safely, in the woods of Lothlorien.
There are many rumors that walk the
lands of Middle Earth.  The dwarves
and men are somewhat fearful of the
lady, for none that enter the woods
Lothlorien do not return.  Gimli at
first speaks harshly, but as he lays
eyes upon her, after their escape 
from Moria, all harsh words escape
him.  He sees her how fair a beautiful
she is, and finds that there is nothing
to fear of her.  Galadriel truly is
fair, and while the Fellowship rest 
in Lothlorien, Galadriel presents 
Frodo and Sam the Mirror of Galadriel.
A mysterious mirror that show thing
that were, are, and still yet may
be.  Frodo tries to offer the ring
to her, but she declines, telling
him that it would only give them
a queen in place of the Dark Lord.
Before the fellowship depart, she 
gives gifts to the fellowship.
A special rope made by the elves,
very light and reliable boats,
cloaks to warm them and blend
into shadow, and lembas.  Indeed,
the Lady did favor these travelers 
so, for they did not always clad
strangers in their own garb.  
After Galadriel sailed away,
Gimli and Legolas stayed for a 
time.  Later, Legolas took Gimli
with him, for not only was he
an exceptional friend, but the
dwarf wanted to see the Lady
once again.

(Hey, who could blame him?)

What do you see in the mirror?

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