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I'll have a pic of him up as soon as I can get one!  :)

Commander Goddard was the student's teacher at 
startcademy.  He was busted in his rank as captain
 for, as Goddard says, "no good reason".  As 
punishment, he was a teacher.  He's fought in the 
Spung-Andromedan war, and he has a vast knowledge 
of the Spung and Andromedans (he was the one who 
told Harlan about hatcheries).  He has an old rival 
named Reaver, the space pirate.  

I've heard a lot that Commander Goddard is supposedly
 in love with Ms Davenport.  I mainly heard this from 
shippers, but I wonder how they got that idea!  :o)  
Then again, I have a difficult time picturing couples 
(it has to be spelled out for me, LOL).  I've often 
wondered about Goddard and Davenport with that fainting 
thing.  Sooner or later, he's going to let her fall.  
How does he get there so fast?

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