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Commander Goddard's New Year's Resolution

By: KayLynn

The old year is now ending -
I know that much is quite true.
But a resolution is pending…
What should I pledge to do?

It is hard being stuck on this
Strange ship, out in space.
But I am, of course, an Earther, 
And among people of my race

It is traditional to,
On the last night of each year,
Make resolutions to do better -
If you don't it's considered queer.

So what should I now vow to do?
What vice should I say I'll stop?
I don't think I have all that many
Bad habits I need to drop.

I could, of course, try not to
Tease Ms. Davenport so much.
Or resolve not to grumble when
She faints a lot and such.

I could try not to yell at Harlan
When he pulls a stupid prank,
Or try not to get so angry
When I think of Warlord Shank.

I could attempt not to get upset
When Bova says, "We'll die!"
Or when Catalina talks to Suzee,
And then gets mad when I ask why.

Or maybe when THELMA comes up right
Behind me, and says, "Yes, Commander?"
And sometimes when she says things
With just a little too much candor.

I could also try to be more patient
With Radu's super hearing.
Or with Rosie when she decides
That everyone needs some cheering.

There are, I guess, a few things that
I probably should change, I fear.
But I hereby vow to change them
And enjoy the coming year!

~Commander Goddard

Copyright © 1998 KayLynn.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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