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Harlan Band is this dude from earth from Los 
Angeles (I think).  His father was killed by 
an Andromedan, and that's why he's had such a 
grudge against Andromedans and Radu.  But by 
second season, he realizes, it's not Radu's 
fault, and they become friends.  Harlan's dad 
was a STARDOG and died fighting the Spung-
Andromedan war.  His step-dad is Admiral Cody, 
a guy who thinks Harlan doesn't have what it 
takes to become a STARDOG.  Harlan is awesome 
in martial arts. 

This kid is one of those guys who do NOT need 
an ego-boost.  He's great at piloting the ship, 
and he knows it.  He USED to have a thing for 
Catalina (I think he still does, deep inside) 
but he turned to Suzee RIGHT after Cat left. I 
thought it was neat how he was the most broken 
up when Cat "died".  But then he comes onto 
Suzee, and I couldn't believe him.  That's my 
opinion, anyway.

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