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Harlan's New Years Resolution

By: Tato and Linds

The new year is coming
I simply cant wait
To hear the resolutions
The crew will soon state.

But what痴 my resolution?
What will I say?
I must think of something
To change my own way.

I cant think of anything
That I have done wrong
What can I choose
That wont seem so long?

I could stop being proud
But I知 hardly that type
I could be less pushy
Or stop having to gripe.  

There is one thing
That I need to change
My thoughts towards Radu
Could be exchanged.

I treated him terribly
But I知 going to convert
I値l also do my best to stop
Being a persistant flirt.

Another resolution
That I値l make today
Is to become a better helmsmen
So I could be a Stardog one day.

And that値l be all
For me to make up
I cant be perfect
And I wont be stuck up.

~Harlan Band

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