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Hizzonner the Penguin

Penguin is seen saving a couple of people from some crooks!  This is
all a devious ploy to run for Mayor and get the people on his side.
Mayor Linseed has no chance, so they turn to Batman.  He is the only
one popular enough to go against the Penguin.  Penguin does his 
political underhanded deeds, and makes Batman look bad in the eye of
the public!  It looks like the Penguin just may win this one!  Batman
is then called to speak to some "citizens" which turn out to be G.O.O.N. 
(Grand Order of Oxidental Nighthawks), working for Penguin! Batman
and Robin are lured into a trap, and one of the goons grabs Robin
to hold him as a political liability.  They are then bound and hung 
over a vat of sulfuric acid, with blocks of ice deciding their
ultimate fate.  What is the Dynamic Duo to do??

Where will the Batmobile take you now?

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