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Space Cases Holidays Page!

Hey all!!  Tato here!!  I was talking
with a fellow Caser, KayLynn (you can check
out KayLynn's page by clicking here), and she 
asked me if I was going to keep the Christmas 
on the Christa page was a pretty good 
question seeming it took a lot of hard work
to then, we both came up with this
idea of a holiday page!  Every time a holiday
comes up, there will be something new around
here!  And hey, if you have any ideas, you 
can submit any by e-mailing me! I DID have this 
idea of a picture to do on the top of this text, 
but that LOVELY little "illigal operation" 
decided to pop up before I had a chance to 
save...have no fear, though, I shall have it up 
soon!  In the mean time, check out what's here so 
far, and I can garauntee there will be more!


What holiday would you like to see first?

Christmas on the Christa:
The Cases and their Resolutions (for New Years!):
Finals: [Authors note: This isn't really a holiday...but it IS yearly....]
Turkey Day on the Christa!:

Places outside of the holiday page....

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