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Holy Holy Words, Robin!

How many times have I heard it?  Tons.  How many times
has he said it?  Tons.  During the series, Burt Ward had
said "holy ____" 379 times.  After going through my Batman
tapes, I managed to get every single holy word he EVER used!
I know, I'm an obsessed freak.  So I present for all the 
batfans, the holy words list!!  Please excuse the spelling
errors.  Thank you to Chantal for letting me know some that I

::::takes long, deep breath before beginning::::
Holy agility
holy almost
holy alps 
holy alterego
holy anagrams
holy apparition
holy armadillos
holy armor-plated
holy ashtray
holy asp
holy astringent pomite fruit  
holy astronomy
holy audobon
holy backfire
holy ball and chain
holy bank balance
holy bankruptcy
holy banks
holy baracuda
holy bargain basement
holy bat-trap
holy benedict arnold
holy bijou
holy bikini
holy birthday cake
holy black beard
holy black out
holy blank cartridge
holy blizzard
holy bluebeard
holy bouncing boiler plate
holy bowler
holy bullseye (said it twice)
holy bunsons
holy caffeine
holy camaflage (said it twice)
holy captain nemo
holy caruso
holy catastrophe(said it twice)
holy chicken coop
holy chiliblains
holy chocolate eclaire
holy chutzpah
holy cinderella
holy cinemascope
holy cliche
holy cliffhanders
holy clockwork
holy clockworks
holy coffin nails
holy cold creeps
holy complications
holy consecration
holy contributing to the delinquency of minors
holy corpuscles
holy cosmos
holy costume party
holy crack-up
holy criminalogy
holy crossfire
holy crucial moment
holy crying towels
holy cryptology
holy crystal ball
holy d'artagnan
holy davy jones
holy dead end
holy decency
holy demolition
holy dental hygiene
holy deposit slip
holy detinator
holy detonation
holy deviltry
holy dilemma
holy disappearing act
holy disaster area
holy distortion
holy diversionary tactic
holy diversionary tactics
holy edison
holy egg shells
holy encore
holy epicure
holy epigrams
holy escape hatch
holy explosion
holy false front
holy fate worse than death
holy felony
holy finishing touches
holy fireworks
holy firing squad
holy fishbowl
holy flight plan
holy flip flop
holy floodgates
holy floor covering
holy fly paper
holy fog
holy fork-in-the-road
holy fourth amendment
holy fourth of july
holy frankenstein (said it twice)
holy fratricide
holy fruit salad
holy fugitives
holy funny bone
holy gall
holy gambles
holy gemini
holy getter box (??? If someone knows which episode this is from,
please let me know, so I can find out the correct spelling)
holy geography
holy ghost writer
holy give aways
holy glue-pot
holy golden gate
holy graf zeppelin
holy grammar
holy graveyard
holy greed
holy greeting cards
holy guacomole
holy guadal canal
holy gulibility
holy h'ordourves
holy haberdashery
holy hail storm
holy hairdo
holy hallelujah
holy halloween
holy hamburger
holy hamlet
holy hamstrings
holy handywork
holy happenstance
holy hardest metal in the world
holy haziness
holy headache (said it twice)
holy headlines
holy heart break (said it twice)
holy heart failure (said it twice)
holy helmets, 
holy helplessness
holy here we go again
holy hiedelburg
holy hi fi  (Please contact me if you know which episode this is in)
holy hierogyiphics (said it three times)
holy high handed
holy high wire
holy hijack
holy hijackers
holy history
holy hoaxes
holy hole-in-a-donut (have that wav!!)
holy hollywood
holy holocaust
holy homecoming
holy homework
holy homicid
holy hoodwink
holy hoofbeats (said it twice)
holy horse shoe
holy horse shoes
holy hostage(said it twice)
holy hot foot
holy hot spot
holy houdini (said it four times)
holy human collectors item
holy human pearls
holy human pressure cookers
holy human surf boards
holy hunting horn
holy hurricane
holy hydraulics
holy shypnotism
holy hypodermic
holy hypothesis
holy I.T.&T
holy ice picks
holy ice skates
holy iceberg
holy impossibility
holy imperegnability
holy incantation
holy inquisition
holy interplanetary yardstick
holy interrruptions
holy iodine
holy jack-in-the-box (said it twice)
holy jailbreak
holy jawbreaker
holy jelly molds
holy jetset
holy jigsaw puzzles
holy jutterbugs
holy journey to the center of the earth
holy jumble
holy keyhole
holy keyring
holy kilowatts
holy kindergarden
holy knit one purl two
holy knockout drops
holy known-unknown flying objects
holy kovfax
holy Las Vegas
holy leopard
holy levitation
holy lift-off
holy living end
holy lodestone
holy long john silder
holy looking glass
holy lovebirds
holy lutherburbank
holy madness
holy magic lantern
holy magician
holy mainstprings
holy marathon
holy mashed potatoes
holy masquerade (said it twice)
holy matador
holy mechanical army
holy memory bank
holy merlin the magician
holy mermaid
holy merry-go-round
holy metronome
holy mezmerism
holy miracles
holy miscast
holy missing relatives
holy molars
holy mole hill
holy mother-in-law
holy movie moguls
holy mucilage (said it twice)
holy multitudes
holy murder (murderer?)
holy mush (said it twice)
holy muzzling
holy naivete
holy nerve center
holy new years eve
holy nick of time (said it twice)
holy nightmare (said it twice)
holy nocht (sp?)
holy nonsequiturs
holy oleo
holy olfactory
holy one track batcomputer mind
holy out of bounds
holy oversight
holy oxygen
holy paderevsky
holy parafin
holy perfect pitch
holy piano roll
holy pin cushion
holy polar front
holy polar icesheets
holy polaris
holy popcorn
holy pot luck
holy precision
holy pressure cooker
holy pricelesscollection of etrusian
holy pseudonym
holy purple cannibals
holy puzzle (puzzler?)
holy rainbow (said it twice)
holy rats in a trap
holy ravioli
holy razor's edge
holy red herring
holy red snapper
holy reincarnation
holy relief
holy recompense
holy remote control robot
holy reshevsky
holy resourcefullness
holy return from oblivion
holy reverse polarity
holy ricoshet
holy rip van winkle (said it twice)
holy rising hemlines
holy roadblocks
holy robert lewis stevenson
holy rock garden
holy rocking chair
holy romeo and juliet
holy rudder
holy safari
holy sarcophagus
holy sardine
holy schizophrenia
holy sedatives
holy self-service
holy serpentine
holy shamrocks
holy sherlock holmes
holy shocks
holy show-ups
holy showcase
holy shrinkage
holy skulltamper
holy sky rockets
holy slipped disc
holy smoke (said it twice)
holy smokes (said that twice too!)
holy  smokestack
holy snowball
holy sonic booms
holy special delivery
holy spider webs
holy split seconds
holy squirrel cage
holy stalactite
holy stampede
holy standstills
holy stereo
holy stewpot
holy stomachache
holy strait jacket
holy stratosphere
holy stuffing
holy stupof
holy suborbit
holy suburban
holy sudden incapacitation
holy sundial
holy suprise party
holy switch-a-roo
holy taj mahal
holy tartars
holy taxataion
holy taxidermy
holy tee shot
holy ten soes
holy terminology
holy intinnabulation
holy tip-offs
holy titanic
holy tome
holy toreador
holy trampoline
holy transistors
holy travel agent
holy traveller
holy trickery
holy triple feature
holy trolls and goblins
holy tuxedo
holy uncanny phonographic mental processes
holy under statement
holy underwritten metropolis
holy unlikelihood
holy unrefillable prescriptions
holy venezuela
holy vertebra
holy vo tage
holy waste of energy
holy wayne manor
holy weaponary
holy wedding cake
holy werner von bravn
holy whiskers
holy wigs
holy zorro.  

Alfred: Holy Steam Valve!

:::gasping for air:::  
There you are!!  I'm in the process of getting all the
holy words the announcer said too, but I need to go through
all my episodes still.
If I'm missing any, e-mail me!

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