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Multiple Identities

Part One
By: Tato

When you read this story, you'll probably be thinking "Geez, this
girl is nuts!  She doesn't even know the character's names!  She's not
a real caser!"  Well, I am.  But it may SOUND that way at first.  This
is a WIERD story, so dont take it seriously.  Anyway, on with the 

Kristian Ayre sat in the Rec room, completely frustrated and bored.  
Harlan walked in, and his eyes widened.  There, he saw Radu, or what 
looked like Radu, sitting down in earth clothes.  By the looks of it, 
it looked like the 20th century clothing.  

"Radu!!  What are you DOING??" he said racing over to the young man.  

Kristian sighed heavily.  "I'm bored."

"But...but....look at you!!  What happened to you!"

"No need to pretend, Walter."

"WALTER?!?"  Harlan froze.  He was completely shocked!  What was 
happening!  "Okay, man.  What's going on.  You know Suzee likes me,

"You mean Rebecca?  Naw, she has a boyfriend, remember?"

Harlan shook his head.  "What's gone on with you!!!"

"What do you mean?"

"You're human!!  What do you think you're doing!!"

"We're canceled, Walter.  Remember?  Why put on this act if it's going
to do no good?  I mean, this wig is uncomfortable, and so are the 
ears.  So I may as well enjoy myself if  we've been canceled."

Harlan couldn't say a word.  He was speechless!!  But then the words 
of Kristian sunk in and he agreed.  "Man, you're right."  Harlan 
slumped down by his young friend and leaned back.  "Well what are we 
supposed to do?"  

"I dont know."

"We could always...flirt with Suz--er....Rebecca."

"No, that's boring.  I hate doing that."

"Me too."

Then, there was silence.  Finally, the silence broke when they both 
saw Suzee walking in.  "Hey guys!" she said in a flirtatious voice. 

"Hi," the both said un unision and in a completely dull tone.  

"How about we play a little Minbar Chess?  I've got the engines 
working and--"

"No thanks," Walter said in an uninterested tone.  


"Naw, me either," Kristian agreed.  "Hey, did anyone ever tell you 
that your character flirts too much?"

"My...character?  I dont know what you're talking about!!  I cant 
believe you would say that Radu....what happened to you anyway?"

"My name is Kristian.  You dont have to pretend anymore, Rebecca.  
We've been canceled and Nickelodeon took our show off.  They wont even
give it to Sci Fi channel, so there's no use in pretending anymore."

"Do you know what he's talking about?" Suzee asked Harlan.  

"Yeah, I do Rebecca. We figure that.....why should we keep doing this 
if we dont have to?"

Suzee/Rebecca thought for a moment.  She sighed heavily.  "Yeah.  
But...what if we get our show back?  You know, if the fans write in 
and stuff?"

"Hah!!  The way they're giving up now?  There's no way!!  They just 
give up too quickly," Walter commented.  

Rebecca knew deep down inside that Walter was right.  She took in a 
breath and sat down.  "Well, what do we do?"

"Dunno," Kristian said leaning his head back to rest.  

"Hey everyone!!  Isn't the day just wonderf--what happened?" Rosie 
said suddenly.  

"Hi Paige.  We decided to give up."

"B-but why??"

"Well, do you really LIKE being happy?"


"No you dont.  I heard you talk in your diary last night on how lame 
it gets.  You cant even be sad without overheating."

"Well...that's true....but...."

"You'd rather have the irritating make-up on?"

"Not really."

"Well, you dont HAVE to you know."

Rosie tried to talk, but nothing would come out of her mouth.  She 
just couldn't find the words to respond.  She turned once she saw Bova
walking in with a sandwich in his hand.  

"What's down, everyone?" he asked in his usual Bova tone.  

"Dont worry, Rahi.  You can take a break on being Bova now."

Bova only took a second to think.  "Works for me!"  He threw down the 
sandwich and grinned.  "I hate eating all the time.  I'll be right 
back, I'm taking this antenae off of my head."

"Okay," the group said all together.  

"Well....we have to do something," Paige said sitting next to the 
Minbar chess set.  

"Like what?"

"I dunno.  But it's pretty boring when we're not our characters.  Ya 

"I personally like talking in whole words," Kristian said with a 

"Yeah, and I guess it's good not having to be happy all the time. It 
can give ya a headache."

"You think Shank--er....Herb will come after us again?" Walter voiced

"Let's just hope he brings his daughter," Kristian said with a grin.  

"Geez, I never thought you and her would REALLY hit it off," Suzee 

"Well, let's just hope that the woo-crew doesn't find out. They'll 
tell Herb in a snap and then I'll be deader than you guys."

"Oh, now that's true," Walter said nodding.  

"Thanks for the confidence." 

Walter, Rebecca, Kristian, and Paige continued to talk for several 
minutes.  Finally, Rahi came back rubbing his forehead.  

"Aw man, I have a red mark in the middle of my forehead because of 
that stupid thing!" Rahi whined.  

Kristian started to burst up laughing. 

"Hey, I wouldn't laugh.  Your WIG doesn't leave you with a perfect 
head of hair."

Kristian immediately stopped laughing.  "Hey, what's wrong with my 

"Oh, nothing, nothing.  But you can ALWAYS see a little red mark just 
a BIT over your hair."

"You can??"  Kristian raced out of the room to check.  

"Rahi, that was mean," Rebecca chided. 

"Yeah, well.  It's true."  

"I didn't see anything."

"Me either."

"You can only see it when he wears it for the whole day," Rahi 

"You mean you freaked him out over NOTHING?" Paige questioned, 
slightly shocked.  

"Yeah.  I thought it was funny."  

"Hey guys!  What are you DOING?" a voice out of nowhere came.  All 
four scanned the room, but couldn't see anything. All except Suzee.  

"Oh, come on back.  We've decided to give up, Jewel."  

Out of nowhere, Catalina appeared in her rainbow wig and rainbow 
clothes.  "Oh.  That sucks!!  How am I supposed to get back? HMM???"

"Dunno. But they canceled the show and took it off, so we figure that 
it's just boring to keep pretending to do this.  Especially if we're 
not getting paid or ANYTHING."  

"True."  Juwel took of the rainbowed wig and let her brown hair down.
She then sat down in Kristian's spot.  Just then, Kristian ran in.  

"There was no mark, Rahi!! Why'd you do that?"

"Because I felt like it."

"Ooh, mister ATTITUDE!"

"Excuse me?  I could kick your--"

"Oh, could you now?  I'm older AND bigger than you, you little--"

"Guys, settle down!!" Rebecca screeched.  Each boy glanced at 
eachother with hatred, but they settled down.  Kristian sat next to 

"So, what's up, Jewel?" Kristian asked fiddling with his shoelace.  

"Nothing much, and you Kristian?"

"Ooh!!  So Kristian's in love with Jewel!!" Rahi said in a mocking 

"Watch it, pipsqueak, or I'll kick your scrawny little--"

"Hold it!!!" Walter shouted.  "Geez, you just dont get along well, do

"How long has this 'giving up'  thing been going on?" Jewel asked 

"Just started," Kristian murmured.  


Each person started a completely annoying habit as the silence dragged
on.  Kristian started tapping his finger, Rahi took in a breath every 
few moments, Jewel would cough at times, Walter would clear his 
throat, Rebecca would mess with the pieces from the minbar chess game,
and Paige would make a clicking sound from the back of her throat.  
Things couldn't get more boring.  They looked up at the sight of the 
three well-known people coming in.  

"What are you people DOING?" Goddard asked, steering away from an 
arguement he was having with Ms Davenport.  

"We're bored with this, Cary.  And Paul, dont you get bored at times?"

"W-well...not really.  I enjoy the excitement of space and...."

"I mean, doing this act even though we're not getting paid, nobody's 
watching, and we're stuck here forever."

"Now,we have to think about getting home!" Ms Davenport said 

"Why?  I'm going to be out here forever, and I'll never get to get 
off this ship again," Kristian said in a negative tone.  

"I do not understand," Thelma said in her usual robotic tone.  

"Aw, Anik, you dont HAVE to do that anymore."

"Yeah, you're right.  This suit is uncomfortable," she said in a more 
human voice.  Anik walked away quickly to change.  

"Well, I agree with the children.  I hate doing this fainting thing 
all the time," Cary said with a sigh.  

"You mean it's not real?" Paul murmured.  Unfortunately, Cary heard.  

"What do you mean by THAT?"

"Oh, you play that fainting part VERY well.  It's extremely realistic.
You even  pretend to not get up!!"


"Sure it is."

"Excuse me?"

Paul rolled his eyes.  "Nevermind," he said shaking his head.  

"No, I want to hear this."

"No, I dont think you do."

"And why not?"

"Because then you wont talk to me or you'll hit me or you'll 

The kids started to chuckle silently, only slightly hearable.  Cary 
glared at the kids, and they immediately straightened up.  

"Come outside, I need to have a word with you," she said motioning for
Paul to step outside.  

"I can catch you anywhere you want to faint."

"Shut up and come along!!"  

Paul gave a half-smile and walked away with Cary. The doors closed.  

"Oooh, I wonder what he'll get THIS time," Rahi said to no one in 

"Yeah, really," Walter said casually.  

"Well," Paige said straightening up.  "Why are we giving up so quickly

"Because of THIS," Kristian said picking up a remote control.  He 
figeted with it, then the screen in front of the group came on.  

"What's this?" Jewel asked curiously.  

"Yes, what is this?" Cary asked as Paul and Anik walked in with her.  

"I'll show you," Kristian explained.  He played the message.  

"Greetings," Herb said with an evil grin on his face.  I wanted to let
you Space Cases know that everyone is giving up hope on your little 
show!  Heh heh heh.  When we took the show of Nickelodeon, we expected
responses from fans.  Who wouldn't?  But we've still kept the show off
the air, and the letters are dying down.  Looks like they're losing
hope in you little misfits!  I can destroy you now.  There are no fans
to stop me!  They've all quit on you, Space Cases.  The very few who 
DO write in will stop writing after a while.  You're doomed Space 
Cases!!  And one more thing.  Kristian!!  I know what you've been 
doing with my daughter!!"

Kristian grinned micheviously.  

"You'll be the FIRST to go, do you hear me?  I will not rest until you

Kristian clicked the image viewer off and glanced around the room for 
each of  their reactions.  Walter finally turned to him.  

"What exactly have you DONE with his daughter?" he asked suspectantly.


"It's not working with me, man."

"Well, we WERE studying." Kristian looked down. He could feel the heat
rise in his face, and himself turning bright red.  "Let's just let 
that remain a secret," Kristian said bashfully, much like his Radu 

"All right.  But if Shank--I mean--Herb comes after us, then it'll be 
YOUR fault."  

"Yeah.  But I just hope he's not right.  Ya know, about the fans 
stopping the writing. That's the one thing that may save us."

"Yeah, me too."

To Be Continued....
Stay tuned for the next edition of "Multiple Identities"

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