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Multiple Identities

Part 2
By: Tato

Kristian, Walter, Paige, Rahi, Paul, Anik, Jewel, Rebecca, and Cary 
sat in the rec room. All had grown weary and had fallen asleep.  
Kristian, though, lay awake.  As he thought, he heard a buzzing sound 
going off.  "What's that sound?" Kristian murmured to no one in 

"Alarms," the crew chorused in, completely bored.  But when the 
thought sank in, everyone got up.  "Alarms??" the chorused once again.

"Let's get to the Command post!" Walter shouted. 

"Do we have to?" Rahi asked with a yawn.  

"We might as well," Jewel said rolling her eyes.  "Not as if we had a 
SHOW to do."  The only responses she got were grumbles.  The cast 
raced to the Command Post.  There, there were three horrifying figures
on the screen.  

"We've been sent by Shank--um--Herb to kill you!!"

"Why?  Who are you?" Paige said getting to her communications set.  

"Because he hates your blasted show!!"

"Who are you anyway?" Kristian asked, dying in suspense.  

"We are....Hanson."  

Walter's blood ran cold.  He turned to the others and signalled for 
Paige to cut communications, in other words, mute them.  Paige did so.

"Guys, if we dont escape them, we're dead. They might...."  Walter 
hesitated.  "They might sing."

"Oh great," Rahi responded.  He had been tortured a time before with 
the Hanson music, and he despised it.  He couldn't go through it 
again.  It was almost as bad as the woo chamber! [authors note: if you
dont know what that is, then you HAVE to read Jeff's stories.]  "We 
cant let them do that!" Rahi said, his voice cracking.  

"Well, what do we do?" Rebecca asked, slightly panicked.  She had 
never heard the music herself, but she had heard many bad things about

"We gotta lose them, and FAST," Jewel stated.  

"How will we do that?" Cary asked in a voice that sounded much like 

"Who cares, we have to though," Paul voiced out.  

"I agree.  Let's get them.  First, let's stall them," Anik suggested.

"Great idea!" Walter exclaimed.  

The cast of the Christa turned back to face Hanson, and unmuted them.

"So, what exactly are you here for?" Walter asked, as if he were 
really interested.  

"To kill you!"

"Anything else?"

"For some reason, we're supposed to kill that dude first," the older 
Hanson said.  

"Me?" Kristian asked shocked.  

"Yeah, something about his daughter."

Kristian grinned.  "Oh, that."

Walter peered back at Kristian.  "Man, I'm dying of suspense!  What 
DID you do with his daughter!!"


"Come on, tell me!"

"It's not important, Walter."

Walter shook his head and rolled his eyes.  He then looked back at the
Hansons.  "I've got a question for you," Walter said with a cocky grin
on his face.  

"Walter, if you do somthing stupid, I swear, I'll kill you!" Paul 

"I just wanted to know....are you girls or boys?"  

"WALTER!!!" the rest of the group shouted.  

Too late.  The Hansons were completely angry.  "All right, you'll die 
right away," they said in unision.  The screen faded into darkness.  

"Way to go, WALTER," Jewel said eyeing the young man.  

"No problem!"

"Why'd you do such an idiotic thing?" Rahi asked shocked.  


"Yeah, that was stupid," Paige said rolling her eyes.  "Way to stall 

"I did stall them!"


"Look, I brought up that question.  Just before they press that 
missle button, they're going to wonder THEMSELVES if they're girls or 

"Walter, you're a genius!" Anik exclaimed happily.  

Walter grinned.  

"So, lets get out of here!" Kristian said snapping everyone's 
attention back to getting away.  

Walter pressed several crystals, and the Christa zoomed away.  

"THAT was a close one," Walter said wiping the sweat from his 

"Tell me about it," Kristian said shaking his head.  

"Well, I just hope they dont STILL go after us," Rebecca said thinking
out loud.  

"Yeah," everyone chorused. 

"Another message," Paige stated looking down.  

"Aw, great.  Okay, get the mute button ready....and play it."  

Paige nodded and did so.  Herbs face appeared again.  Walter halted 
Paige from muting. 

"What do you want??" Walter asked boldly.  

"Oh, I only wanted to show you your little FANMAIL.  He he he..."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, those LETTERS that are saying to 'give the show back'...blah blah
blah.  You know.  But first, I need to have another word with 

"Why?" Rahi shouted from the back. 

"It's none of your concern!" Herb scolded.  

"Yes it is."

"Guys, what's he going to do to me through a SCREEN?" Kristian 
mentioned.  It caused laughter.  Finally, Walter let Kristian walk to 
the screen to communicate.  

"YOU!!" Herb shouted accusingly.  

"Yes, me," Kristian said with a cocky grin on his face.  

"You'll never TOUCH my daughter again, do you HEAR me?"

"Hey, I cant help it if we're getting married."



"You will NOT get married to my daughter!! I'll destroy you before you
get back onto this planet!!  Do you hear me?"

"Yeah, I do," Kristian said in a calm tone.  "But since we're on a 
SHIP, the head of the ship can marry us off.  So I'll see you"  

Outbursts of laughter came from the back.  

"Would you LIKE to be called 'dad'?  Or maybe daddy, daddio, daddster,
dadoo, dadorama, daderino!"

Herb looked even more angry.  "Woos!!!!"

Kristian's grin faded when he saw the cast of Shelby Woo appear.  

"Oh great."

"Yes, Mister Scandal?" Shelby asked.  

"It's SCANNELL!" he scolded.  

"Sorry.  What do you need?"

"I need you to kill this boy."  

"Didn't you already send Hanson to do that?"

"Yes, you ninnies!!!!  They FAILED!!"

"B-but they're the unbeatable Hansons!!"  

"Not until you ask if they're girls or boys," Walter shouted from the 

"Grrr...."  Herb soon became steamed up.  "Get Alex in there."

"I thought WE were going to do that!"

"You will...but Alex can teleport."

Kristian's blood ran cold.  "H-hey, wait a sec!!" he said suddenly.  

"What do you want??"

"That's not fair.  Our show was a lot better than their worthless 
crap, and ours gets canceled?"

Shelby, Noah, and Cindy glared at the young man.  "Our show kicks!!" 
they said in unision.  

"Yeah, is PAINFUL to watch, if that's what you're saying," 
he said with a laugh.  

"Boss, let US despose of them! Please!!"

" all can.  ALEX!!"

"Yeah, boss?" Alex Mack asked running up to Herb in an incredibly 
goofy looking outfit.  

"Teleport over there."

"W-well, I'm sort of busy and..."

"DO IT!"

"Y-yes sir."  Alex closed her eyes and thought for a moment, then 

Kristian backed away.  "Where'd she go??" Kristian asked, looking at 
the blank  screen.  
"Oh GREAT," Paige said rolling her eyes.  

"Kristian, you better watch out," Jewel warned.  

"I know, I know, but she could be anywhere!  Do any of you guys see 
he--"   Kristian suddenly fell back as a pair of arms went around his 
neck.  "Ack!!"  Kristian struggled for a breath of air, but his 
passage was being cut off.  This girl was incredibly strong!!  The 
room started to get dim, but he could see his comrades trying to get 
her off.  No good.  "Wait..." he said gathering all his strength and 
his last breath.  

"You'd like to think that, wouldn't you?" Alex said, still holding on 

"Let him speak!! You know, some last words??"

Alex hesitated, but then let go for a moment.  "What is it?"

Kristian gasped for breath as the color in his face began to return.  
He sat up slightly.  "Your show was canceled, wasn't it?"


"Yeah, wasn't it?" Cary asked curiously. 

"I dont think so."

"Have you been called to do any more episodes?"

"W-well no, but..."

"Ooh, Herbie there canceled your show and didn't tell you about it!" 
Walter shouted out, entirely amused.  

Alex froze immediately, deep in thought.  She then got up, completely 
forgetting about the young man lying on the floor and gasping for 
breath, and met with Herb's face on the screen.  "YOU CANCELED MY 
SHOW??" she squealed.  

"Uh...well, ya see..."

"I cant believe you!!"  Alex disappeared from the Christa and 
re-teleported to the Nick office.  "You did this to ME!!  My show was 
SO popular, you RAT!!"

"Shelby!!" Herb called.  Shelby, Noah, and Cindy raced in and 
restrained the furious Alex Mack from doing any damage to Herb.  She 
was taken away using every known cuss word in the human langauge.  

Rahi, Paige, Jewel, and Anik helped Kristian up.  

"You okay?" Anik asked, slightly concerned.  

Kristian cleared his throat.  "Yeah, I'm fine."

"But you wont get away THAT easily!!  Besides, no one cares about you 

"What are you talking about?" Paul asked, not at all amused by Herbs 

"I'll show you."  Herb walked to a small box and opened it, revealing 
only very few letters.  "THIS is this weeks 'get Space Cases back' 
bundle of letters.  They've been dying down for a long time now, 
Cases.  You're doomed."

"Who are those from?" Rebecca asked peering in.  

"Oh, these little things?  Let's see.....someone named...Rossie, Jeff,
Mario, Yabin, Tato, Linds, Tracey, Mary....and.....that's it!!"

Each Space Case looked in shock at the very few letters.  

"That cant be right," Kristian said shaking his head.  

"Looks like you're doomed!!" Herb said with a giggle that sounded 
frighteningly  like Barney.  The screen faded, and the Cases slumped 

"We really ARE doomed," Jewel said, about ready to cry. 

"I cant believe this!  Why would people give up hope on us so quickly?
It's crazy!!" Walter voiced out, completely frustrated.  

"What do we do?" Paige asked in a hopeless tone.  

"I dont know," Rahi said with a sigh.  "We counted on the Casers to 
save the show, and only very few have their hope.  If those few dont 
convince others...then....then I dont know WHAT we'll do."

It saddened the Cases to see one another like this.  Some were about 
ready to cry, some only had anger written on their faces, and some 
remained emotionless.  They couldn't show the pain they were feeling. 
It was too great.  What were they to do? 

To Be Continued....

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