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Multiple Identities

Part 4
By: Tato

The Christa was motionless in the deep realms of space as time went 
on.  Inside the Christa, the cast sat in the lounge, thinking about 
the past happenings and discussed.  

"Fix," Walter voiced out.  

"Mix," Kristian said suddenly. 

"Kicks," Paige shouted.  

"Sticks," Cary said grinning.  

"Ticks," Paul said sleepily.  

"Rix," Rahi said in a feeble attempt to rhyme. 

"What's a rix?" Kristian questioned the young boy.  

"I dont know."

"Gunna snow," Jewel said picking up the rhyming game again.  

"There's a crow," Rebecca said tiredly.  

"Female doe," Anik stated.  

"To and froe."

"It's me you owe."

"Herb's the foe."

"Where'd he go?"

"Reached a new low."

Rebecca sighed heavily.  "This is boring.  We've done this rhyming a 
million times."

"What else is there to do?" Kristian said in a reminder to her.  

"I dont know....there has to be something."

Only one thought crossed Walters mind.  "Is anyone else here hungry?" 
he asked his comrades lounging out in the room.  

"I am," Kristian said, his eyes still closed.  

"So am I," Paige said miserably. 

"Maybe we can use that food wheel thing we use in the show," Jewel 

"If I have to CHOKE DOWN those terrible narf intestines one more time,
then someone please kill me," Kristian said bitterly.  

"Well, let's order something," Rahi said getting up and going to the 
tele-communications device.  He pressed several buttons, and the 
screen came on.  

"This is Dominos pizza, how can I help you?"

"Hey, who said you could order pizza?" Rebecca asked in a bossy way.

"Pizza sounds good to me," Kristian said getting himself up.  He 
walked over to the screen where Rahi stood.  

"What do you want on your pizza?"

"Anything but sardines."

"And dont put any onions or peppers on it!" Paige shouted.  

"I hate pepperoni!" Harlan yelled across the room.  

"Well, I'm a vegetarian!" Jewel stated.  

"Great," Rahi said rolling his eyes.  "What a limited choice.  I have 
an idea.  Everyone, order your own."  

"Fine!" each one said in unision.  

Rahi turned and ordered his pizza, then stepped aside to let Kristian 
and the others order theirs.  After 5 minutes, they had completely 

"Anything else?" the man at the communications said exasperately.  

"Um....and get some cokes."

"All right, for here or to go."

Anik could barely contain her laughter.  She started giggling like 
crazy.  Cary  stood up.  "Oh gee, let's have it there, why dont we, 
since we can even get TO THE EARTH!!" she said frustrated.  

"So...would that be for here?"

"No, to GO!!" Paul said equally as frustrated.  Not only was this man 
an idiot, but he was hungry.  

"All right, sir."  The screen faded, and each person returned to their

"I suppose we should go wait for the pizza dudes at the airlock," Anik
said sluggishly.  

"Yeah," everyone chorused together.  

"That would require getting up."


"So why dont we?"

"Ah, let's just wait for them to come along."


10 minutes later....

Outside of the airlock, four pizza deliverers struggled to carry the 
many pizzas and drinks.  

"Geez, I've never seen so many orders in my life!" the female 
deliverer said as she managed to carry the numerous drinks.  

"This job sucks," a male pizza deliverer stated.  "I cant believe I 
let you talk me into this."

"It's not MY fault you agreed to take the job!" another male said 
protectively.  "It's equally your fault.  I hate doing these space 
deliveries.  It's usually some wierdos in costumes on breaks from 
their shows or canceled shows.  I cant COUNT how many times we've had
to go to that Captain Kirk's ship.  What a hassle."

"I agree," another man behind him said.  

"Well, after this, I'm quitting."

"Linds!!" the man shouted to the woman.  "Oh, sure, ditch me already."

"Well, I'm sorry, Mario," Linds said apolegetically.  "But I cant 
stand this.  I'm always on these space deliveries, and I dont exactly 
like giving up my social life for my job.  They called me out of a 
date just now! I've been DYING to date this guy, and I finally have a
chance.  Now they ruin it for me."

"So basically, you have to ditch me, Jeff, and Jonah?" Mario 

Jeff and Jonah gave her a glare.  

"Look, we'll still be friends, but I'm sorry, I quit."

"Well, if you quit, then I quit," Jeff voiced out.  

"Well if Jeff quits and Linds quits, then I'm quitting," Jonah stated.

"Hey, I'm not doing this by myself! I quit if you guys quit."

"Good, then we all quit," Linds said with a nod.  

Jeff's broad shoulders slumped down.  "But I cant quit.  I'll have to 
find ANOTHER job."

Everyone groaned and continued to walk through the connecting tube 
until the reached the airlock.  

Knock, knock.  

"PIZZA!!!" Jonah shouted. 

"And drinks!" Linds added in.  

No answer.  

"I swear, if this is a prank order, I'm going to KILL whoever did 
this," Mario said suspectantly.  

"Well save some killing for me too," Jeff said heaving the pizzas up 
into his arms once again so they wouldn't fall.  

"Look, let's give them time."  


* * * * * *

Kristian, Rahi, Paige, and Jewel raced to the airlock.  

"I KNEW we should have gotten there ahead of time!" Jewel said, quite 
out of breath.  

"Yeah, well let's just hope they wait long enough for us to get 
there," Kristian said, also out of breath.  

Seconds later, they opened the door.

"Wait!!" Kristian said with his last cycle of air going through his 
lungs.  He knelt down and caught his breath while the pizza deliverers
started walking back to the Christa.  "Th-thanks," he said getting up.
"How much will that be?"

Linds, without looking up, skimmed through her notepad.  "That'll be 
$64.82."  Linds paused for a moment.  Something about the stuttering 
on the word 'thanks' reminded her of something.  She looked up and saw
the one and only crew of the Christa standing and gathering their 

"Oh great, we're short money," Kristian said with a groan.  "I'll be 
right back."  Kristian prepared for another long run, but was halted. 

"Whoa!!" she shouted.  This gathered the attention of Mario, Jeff, and
Jonah.  They had been so busy getting the feeling back into their 
hands, they had forgotten about their customers.  

Jeff's eyes widened.  "I know you guys!!  Your show was canceled!"

"Well, we're not exactly THRILLED about it," Jewel said rolling her 

Rahi nodded.  

"Hey, ya got a girlfriend?" Paige asked as she glanced over at Jeff.  

"Yeah," he said with only a hint of shyness in his voice.  

"Darn!"  Paige folded her arms.  "All the hot ones are taken."

Jeff grinned.  

"Oh pu-lease," Mario said shaking his head.  

Kristian stood for only a moment, then spoke.  "Well, um, like 
I said...I'll be only a few minutes. I have to get some money from the
others."  Kristian waited for a response of understanding, then took 

"So," Jonah said looking at the corridors, "this is the Christa.  I 
never knew HOW real it was."

"Yeah," Mario said with a nod.  "It looks a lot more glamorous than it
looks on TV."

"That's because Nickelodeon does something with their filming to make 
things look virtually crappy," Rahi said slightly serious and slightly

"Yeah," Linds voiced in after getting over her utter shock.  "But most
people are giving up on your show."

"We know," Jewel, Rahi, and Paige said in unision.  

"Do you want to stay with us?" Paige asked.  

"Sorry, but we have to go quit our jobs," Jeff said in an apolegetic 

"You can over the tele-communications if you want," Jewel suggested.  

"Nah, it's okay.  We wouldn't be doing much to save the show if we 
stayed up here, huh?"

"Yeah, true," Rahi said with a nod.  "Besides, after what Kristian did

"What did KRISTIAN do?" Kristian asked running back with money in his 

"I'm talking about you and Herb's daughter."

"Oh yeah, huh."  Kristian grinned, then handed the money to Linds. He 
quickly changed the subject.  "So, what are you up to?"

"Nothin'," Linds said stuffing the money into her pouch and closing 

"Ah," Kristian said.  

"What about you and Herb's daughter?" Linds asked curiously.  

"Uh...nothing. Nothing at all."

"Yeah, THAT'S why he wants you dead first?" Rahi said 

"Look, I didn't do anything MAJOR with her.  We're, um, friends."

"How close of friends?" Jewel asked elbowing him.  

Each person looked at him which only made him more uncomfortable.  

"It doesn't matter," he said stubbornly.

"Sure it does, Kristian.  We want to hear ALL about it," Paige said 
folding her arms across her chest.  

"No you dont." 

"Well, I know what you can do to help us out," Jewel said lighting up.

"What's that?" Jonah asked expectantly.  

"W-well....our show is really dying down, guys.  And we cant get HOME,
because without it even being ON, the Christa wont move.  Plus, Herb 
is ready to kill us, Kristian the most, and so we have no chance.  But
we need you to keep the spirit alive, and to keep the others 
believing.  Without those letters, the show isn't going to magically 
get on by itself."

"Oh, we already write letters," Jeff said reassuringly.  

"Yes, but can you convince others to?" Paige asked sweetly.  

"We can try," Mario offered.  

"Doubt it'll work, but it's better than nothing," Kristian voiced in.
He only got glares.

"We'll definitely keep the spirit alive.  Casers shall triumph, am I 

"Right," Linds, Jeff, and Mario said excitedly.  

"Well, I hate to run, but we have to go quit our jobs," Jonah said as 
a reminder to the other three that they needed to be going.  

"Bye!!  And thanks!!" Jewel said waving.  

"Bye Jeff!!  Call me if you dump your girlfriend!" Paige called out.  

Jeff grinned, nodded, and winked.  The airlock closed.  

* * * * * *

Kristian, Jewel, Paige, and Rahi carried the pizzas and drinks back to
the lounging area.  They walked in, and everyone leaped at the 
wonderful aroma of pizza filling the room.  They each grabbed their 
own and dug in.  Only Kristian, Jewel, Paige, and Rahi knew that they 
still had hope.  They only had to put their faith in the Casers.  But 
this time, it wasn't so difficult to do.  With those four Casers 
convincing others, the word would spread, and they would soon have 
their show back.  They could soon go home.  All it took was a little

The End....or is it?

[authors note: if you've read these stories, and you've come to the 
end, and you're STILL thinking "What's the point?" then I'll have to 
kill you.  Just kidding.  But seriously, these stories are basically 
saying, GET WRITING!!!  I dont know HOW many people have said it HOW 
many different ways, but I hope you got the hint that we NEED TO WRITE
THOSE LETTERS!!  The show isn't going to come back itself, you know.
Have a little faith.  Dont give up!!  As Jonah has always said, 
"Casers will triumph!"  We have the power to do something, and let's 
show it!!  Write those letters to Herb and the Sci Fi channel!  And 
most of all, never give up faith.  No matter how long it takes, we
WILL get our show back.  I dont know if this is the last story in the
series of these stories....I haven't really decided yet.  It's up to
the responses I get with these if I write more.  In the words of Wolf,
Power to the Casers!!]

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