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By: KayLynn

There is a young man from Uranus
Whose pessimism often does pain us.
You may think he's funny,
But, like Rosie's being too sunny,
His actions do not entertain us!

~Harlan & Suzee

Copyright  1999 KayLynn.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

Radu wants Elmira,
Even though she's a Spung.
But now he also wants Suzee,
Because she's kind and young.

Harlan wants Catalina.
He thought he'd be true.
But then her friend Suzee appeared,
And now he wants her, too!

Suzee wants Radu,
She has since she first came.
But now she also wants Harlan!
And he seems to feel the same...

Elmira & Cat both know for sure,
But they're the only ones.
This triangle won't last forever,
But then the show won't be as fun.

Submitted by Jackie.

[Thanks Jackie!!]

Stay tuned for more limericks! But in the mean time....

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