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Welcome to the Middle Earth Archives!

Hello, and welcome to all the Hobbits, Elves,
Dwarves, and Wizards!  Orcs and Wraiths are
not welcome here, but they do roam about, so
watch out!  Here, you will enter the Middle
Earth Archives, and find out about the 
characters of this fantastic fantasy!  I will
add more and edit as I go along, and I hope to reveal
all, or most of the characters.  If you would
like to submit anything, or you have comments,
please e-mail me.  And now, onto the archives!

Visit the Splendour of the Elves....:
Explore the Magic of the Wizards....:
See the Great Men and Women of Middle Earth....:
Visit the Great Halls of the Dwarven Kingdoms....: COMING SOON
Visit the Shire folk and their hills....:
Dare to walk on grounds where Evil Creatures Dwell...: COMING SOON
Other strange creatures of Middle Earth....: COMING SOON

Where will the Fellowship take you now?

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