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By: Me, Tato
(If you have any comments on the poem, please e-mail me...)

A boy is watching carefully
And shock bestows his mind.
The peacefulness protecting him 
Leaves him far behind.

And all he sees is bloodiness 
And screams of utter pain.
The ones he loves, so dear to him
Have nothing more to gain.  

They have, however, lost something
They ly without a life.
It hits the boy as back-stabbing
And sharply, like a knife.  

As he grows older, he can see
What he will soon become.   
A man of great integrity
He frightens only some.  

He hunts within the midnight skies
And glides through darkened halls
He quietly and carefully
Answers to his calls.  

Some scream his name as pleads for help
Some say it as a prize.
Some refrain from speaking it
For that's who they despise.  

He once had been a follower 
A partner to the bat
But he has found his place to be
And that is where he's at.  

He will forever live his life
As every flash proceeds
Protecting streets of Buldaven
From terrorizing leads.

He’ll plant the warmth inside his soul
In small and caring seeds
And soon the town will be rid
Of crimin’listic weeds.

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