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Guess Who?

I roam down the halls, nearly invisible.  When people walk past me,
they only shake their heads and groan.  They kick me and mess with my
mind.  Sometimes I wonder what I’ve done to them, but my thinking
hardly gets far, for the Christa and her adventures keep the crew
busy.  I’m normally out of the way, staying behind.  Sometimes, I
become frustrated at this, and they immediately think something’s
wrong with me.  Sometimes, though, I need to release my feelings and
emotions too.  We’re born to look tough and emotionless, but we’re
much more than that.  I will stay on the Christa with my brothers,
sisters, and friends.  Together we’re a team.  The crew would
certainly be lost without us, and therefore, we continue to serve one
another with the upmost power.  Even though we seem to be useless, we
truly are useful.  

Who am I?

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The Gizbot!!

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