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Peregrin Took

Pippin has Took blood in him, and so he is
more adventurous, or has more desire for 
something unusual.  Pippin is somewhat the
silliest of the three.  He and Merry reveal
to Frodo that they've been "spying" on Frodo
to find out where he's going, and they tell
him that they're going with him.  Frodo
accepts, and they head to Rivendell.  After
that, they form the fellowship (as even though
they were not summoned to the secret meeting,
they went anyway; their curious nature, and all)
to accompany Frodo to as far as they wished to
go.  When they found that Frodo could not be
found, they ran into the forest to look for 
him.  However, they ran into some orcs.  
Boromir tried to protect them, but he could
only take in so many arrows and harsh blows
before it was the end.  Boromir died trying
to save them, but the orcs still took them
captive.  They were told to return the hobbits
unspoiled, so they do not eat them, although
they do argue about it.  During a surprise 
attack by the men of Rohan, Merry and Pippin
make their escape into Fangorn Forest, where
they meet an Ent (Tree herder), and befriend
him.  They discuss the outside happenings to
Treebeard, and the ends had a meeting to 
determine whether or not they should participate
in this war.  This decision, of course, takes a
long time, as Entmoot is a hard language to say,
and it takes a very long time to say little
things.  When the final decision is made, they
storm Isengard with other Ents, and flood his
tower to where there is no escape.  They meet
Gandalf there, but he looks into a palantir, 
and becomes enchanted with it.  Gandalf decides
that Pippin will ride with him to Minis Tirith.  
He meets the Steward of Gondor, Lord Denethor, 
who is at first bitter at Pippin, as he's heard
that Merry saw Boromir, his son, die.  Pippin 
offers to serve Denethor, and he agrees.  
Pippin then swears his alliegance to  Denethor.  
He later finds that Lord Denethor is going mad, 
and he intends to burn his ill son (his only 
other child) Faramir, when he is still alive.  
Pippin runs to get Gandalf, and Gandalf saves him 
in the knick of time.  Later, Pippin makes a 
march to the Black Gates of  Mordor with Aragorn 
Gandalf, and an army with them.  Pippin thinks 
to himself that he would like to match up with 
Merry, as Merry killed  the Lord of the Nazgul.  
He decides to get anything he can.  When Beorn, 
his friend, is attacked by a gigantic troll chief,
he gives  it everything he's got, and slays the troll
chief.  The next thing he hears is that the
eagles are coming....Pippin and the others are
transported to a safe land, as the ring has
been destroyed, and the very land they walk on
begins to shake and crumble.  The Mountain is 
spitting out lava.  They make it back to 
Minis Tirith.  Then the four hobbits go back
to the shire.  They find it over-run by evil,
and so as they come back as war heroes in the
great War of the Ring, they chase out the evil
with other hobbits.  Then they start to rebuild
the beautiful Shire they once knew.

Who can Peregrin show you to now?

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