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The CEO of the Warner Lot

The CEO is a very hard man to
please, if you ever get the
chance to meet him.  But the
Warners always have their ways,
and they manage to annoy him
to bits.  He once turned down
a movie offer by the Warner
Brothers (and the Warner Sister),
and missed out on a potentially
great deal.  The movie was 
produced by someone else, and
made a lot of money, even won
awards.  However, those lovable
Warners took the money they
made, and got his job back.
They may be annoying, but
they've got heart.  Although
he can be quite a Scrooge 
sometimes, he's still the
man for the job, as he's 
always got an answer for
everything.  I guess you
have to be quick on the uptake
to be a CEO.  

Mr. Plotz

Where among the lot will you go?

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