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Radu is an Andromedan from the Andromeda Galaxy. 
Back at his home, he never really fit in because 
he was an individual. So they sent him to the 
Starcademy where he was the first Andromedan there.  
But he didn't fit in there either, and was teased, 
hated, and feared all because of his  race.  Now, 
he's on the Christa.  He stutters a lot, I guess 
because he's so busy concentrating on sounds and 
stuff.  He has, like all Andromedans, super-strength
 and super-hearing.  He's 11 earth standard years old. 
Both Radu and Elmira are supposed to be destined to be.  
He's always trying to "fit in" and have a "family".  
He considers the crew of the Christa as his family.  

I think that he was really decent throughout the whole 
show.  In the beginning, he had to deal with a racist 
and his nasty comments.  No matter what terrible things 
Harlan said, Radu would keep his cool.  And he STILL 
wished to seek friendship with Harlan.  Radu has always 
been, by far, the most lovable character to me because 
of what he puts up with.  He has always been my favorite.

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