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Rosie is from Mercury which explains her sunny 
personality.  She's a very perky person who's 
always smiling.  She has heating powers, which 
is why she wears gloves; she might burn someone 
otherwise.  She's always trying to look on the 
sunny side of life, even if times feel hopeless. 
In the beginning, she had these hats, but I'm not 
sure where they went.

Rosie is a really great character.  She was Radu's 
first friend, and she was always nice and sticking 
up for him.  Even when it cost her reputation, she 
did.  She's a great friend to Bova, even though they're 
total opposites.  I always loved it when they 
contradicted eachother.

Now that you've seen the peppy side of life, where would you like to go?

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