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Rosie's New Years Resolution

By: KayLynn

This custom I've heard of - resolutions -
sounds really, really neat.
Bova's pledged to be less negative,
Which is I think is very sweet.

Catalina has resolved not to scream
When people are trying to sleep.
I, for one, think this is
A good resolution for her to keep.

Harlan is going to try not to be
As cocky as he's been.
Even if in Minbari chess
He happens to frequently win.

Radu will attempt to learn to like
The Christa's idea of food.
(Up till now he's been disgusted with it,
And said a few things that were rude.)

I don't know what I should say
I'll try to do better on.
Maybe I can try not to overheat,
'Cause that turns the sprinklers on.

I've heard that the others are annoyed
When I am full of cheer.
I don't really understand this…
On Mercury it would be queer.

Oh well, it's much too hard to stop
Myself from feeling glad.
I guess that I'll just have to hope
The others don't get mad.

So my resolution this year will
Be to be happy, and nice to everyone.
Why be gloomy when there are
So many chances for fun?


Copyright © 1998 KayLynn.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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