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Samwise Gamgee, Samwise the Brave

Sam is Frodo's gardner, and a good one at
that.  While Frodo and Gandalf are discussing
the one ring, Sam cant help but eavesdrop on
the interesting conversation. After he is 
caught by Gandalf, he is told that he must 
accompany Frodo to Rivendell.  Sam, excited
by the fact that he finally gets to live his
dream and see the elves, complies.  Throughout
their adventures, Sam is a very important 
character.  When he finds that Frodo is missing
(during the breaking of the Fellowship), instead
of running to find his master, he uses his head,
and figures out Frodo's plan to leave the
fellowship in secret.  He joins Frodo on the
boat, and they begin their journey to Mordor.
When they meet up with Gollum, Sam is very
distrustful of the creature (and with good
reason).  When Gollum betrays the two hobbits
by leading them to Shelob, he finds Frodo has
been bitten by the fiendish spider, and thinks
his master is dead.  He takes the ring, and 
the sword, convinced that he must go on, for
Frodo's sake.  He later hears orcs conversing,
and he finds that his master is still alive!
With the phile of Galadriel (a gift given to
Frodo from the great elven lady, he is able to
blind the "watchers" of the tower, and slip through
the invisible gate.  It sets off an alarm, but 
to his surprise, no orcs come!  As he looks for
Frodo, he notices most of the orcs are dead, as 
if they've been fighting with one another.  He
roams through the tower, and runs into an orc. 
He finds out that all they've been fighting and
killing for is the warm, elven cloak, which he
has.  The orc tries to overpower him, but when
Sam grabs a hold of the ring, he looks mighty
and powerful (for a hobbit), and the orc falls
to it's doom.  He then goes to the highest level
of the tower, where Frodo is being held captive.
There is an ugly orc over his master, so he yells
at it.  The orc runs after Sam, but falls through
the opening to the room, and breaks it's neck. 
Sam helps Frodo to his feet, and gives him the
ring and his cloak.  He gives him orc armor to
disguise themselves, but Frodo cant manage it.
They make their way to mount doom, but in the
end, he finds that his master is finally taken in
by the ring.  However, with Gollum sneaking around,
he himself destroys the ring of doom.  Sam and
Frodo are carried away by the eagles, and return
to the shire.  After defending the shire from the
evil that has inhabited it, Sam finds a nice plump
hobbit wife, and begins his Shire life over again.

Sam is a key character in the books, without Sam,
Frodo may not have made it far at all.  With a 
companion like this, it's no wonder they call him
Samwise the brave.

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