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The Sandman

By: Tato

With dungeons deep
And caverns old
Beyond the sunrise hazing gold
There lies a house
Where forms arouse, 
The sandman walking in.

They watch TV, 
They sing and shout
They run and play and hop about.
The children rush,
The children hide,
From the sandman walking in. 

His silent step,
His crooked walk,
His raspy, mesmerizing talk.
He finds the boys
And points to bed
While the sandman’s walking in.  

“Asleep, asleep,
And not one peep,
For I shall cast of spell so deep,
But you will have 
your soul to keep,” 
Said the sandman walking in.  

The bodies drop
Onto their beds
And soon you see the slumb’ring heads
Of six small boys
That dropped like leads
From the sandman walking in.  

The children rest,
Fulled his  quest,
The sandman goes from nest to nest,
But please keep your eyes your best
For the sandman walking in.


Where Will The Sandman Lead You To Next?

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