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I left the first two Bova's corner thing's below the latest

Me: Hey everybody, and welcome to another addition of Bovaís 
Corner!  Today, Bova will be talking to us about the upcoming holiday,
Valentines Day!  You ready, Bova?
Bova: As if you ca--
Me: Right, so take it away!
Bova: ::sigh::  Valentines day.  Itís the day when everybody
else around you gets a bunch of gifts from people who supposedly love
you, but where are you?  Left in the dumps, because youíre not with
someone.  So if you happen to be someone who CANT get a date, all the
pink and red hearts and rubbish is shoved in your face as you see
EVERYBODY else getting something.  And then if you DO have someone to
be with, you have to get them the right thing, or theyíll freak!  I
cant even COUNT how many times Valentines Day goes by, and whoís left
out?  Poor Bova.  And the only one who gives me anything is Rosie, but
she gives something to every loser who doesnít get anything, just to
make them feel better.
Me: Uh, Bova, sometimes it can be good, like--
Bova: And then thereís all that candy in the stores, and you 
have to pick the right ones, or your date will think youíre cheap!
And whatís with all the roses?  Did Roses bring up Valentines Day?? I
think not!  Why is it you cant get a girl carnations,why do you have
to give her flowers?  What if you want to get her a VR game or
something?  You cant, because all the stores on the spacenet pressure
you into buying them something pink and fluffy.  Itís all a scam, I
tell you!  
Me: Uh, Bova, maybe we should--
Bova: Itís a conspiracy to fill the world with disgusting pink
THINGS that will eventually take over the wo--
Me: Bova!
Bova: What??
Me: Uhh...itís time to go.
Bova: Figures.  Right when I get on a roll, itís always...
Me: Tune in next time, Cases!

Interview 2

Me: Hello! And welcome back to a new edition of Bova's Corner!
This week, Bova talks about Thanksgiving!!
Bova: :::sighs impatiently::: 
Me: Right, um, here he is!
Bova: Thanksgiving.  It's a time of having to get together 
with family members on Earth.  They eat dead animals and 
eat all the time, THEN they complain about their weight. To
me, Thanksgiving seems to be a waste of time.  And what's 
this with breaking a wishbone for luck?  Thanksgiving seems
to be the perfect time for disaster.  I mean, with all of
that food, someone's BOUND to choke.  They choke and die, and
the entire family, the family that just happened to come from
out of state to have a simple meal, is devistated because of
seeing their own family member going down.
Me: Well, actually, Bova, there are ways to--
Bova: They then are afraid to ever go to a Thanksgiving
dinner without worrying about someone choking.  Instead, 
they stay home eating TV dinners and watching some soap 
opera, wondering if they'll ever do the same.
Me: Um, Bova, some people can--
Bova: Like I said, it's bound for disaster, but no one ever
listens to me.  In fact, I got into a conversation with Radu
and Harlan, and it wasn't even a conversation!!  It was like 
I had gone MUTE or something, because they seemed to not hear
me! I'm not invisble, you know, I have a voice and opinion, 
but NNNOOOO!  Nobody ever wants to hear it!  Whenever I DO
express the simple truth of the matter, people roll their 
eyes like they think I'm wrong, but they know that I'm right.
One of these days, when I say 'We're doomed', I'll be right,
but they'll never admit it. You'd think that they'd do a 
simple thing like that!
Me: Bova, we're kinda drifting off subject, um could you--
Bova: But I dont even care.  Who says I WANT to be heard? 
Me: :::silent:::
Bova: :::silent for several minutes:::  .....I'm done.
Me: You are?
Bova: Yeah.
Me: Oh...okay, um, everyone stay tuned for next time when
Bova talks about....something else!  G'night everbody!
Bova: Hope you dont choke on a turkey!

Interview 1
Me: Hey, and welcome to Bova's corner!!  This is 
the place where BOVA gets to have his turn to 
speak his mind....right Bova?
Bova: Not with my luc--
Me: Right!!'s Bova!!  Talk to the 
people, Bova!
Bova:  :::sigh::: Is anyone really reading this?
Well, folks, look around.  They couldn't have 
given me a worse possible place.  It's drab, dull,
and completely boring.  I suppose I could say 
something meaningful in my little monologue, if I 
really wanted to.  But then, no  one would really 
CARE seeming that no one on the Christa even notices
that I'm gone.  In fact, once, I left for a vacation 
for a month, and they didn't even notice!! ONE 
MONTH!!!  I came back "Hey, guys, I'm back".  They 
said "You were gone?  Where'd you go to?"  Oh gee, 
I only announced it to the entire world, but NO!! 
Nobody bothered to listen to me OR pay attention to 
me!! In fact,I'm  the only guy on the ENTIRE SHIP that 
Suzee doesn't talk to! She's ALWAYS talking to Radu and 
Harlan.   She talks to Goddard about engines.  Why wont 
she  talk to me?  She's probably afraid to talk to me in
fear of catching some deadly disease that nobody's told 
me about yet....that is, unless they already  died from it.
Me: *ahem* Psst!  Bova!!
Bova: But ya know?  It's so typical.  I figured it 
would happen. Did  anyone listen to me?
Me: Bova!
Bova: Noooo!  No one ever does! It's like--
Me: Bova!!!
Bova: What????
Me: You were supposed to talk about something 
differently, remember?
Bova: Oh, who cares?  I'll do it next time.  What's 
for lunch?
Me: Well, uh, actually, lunch isn't quite finish--
Bova: Be right back.  :::leaves room:::
Me: Uh...I guess...tune in next time!! :::rushes out 
of room:::  Bova!!  Dont eat all of it!!

Exiting the glum atmosphere, your destination lies....

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