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Welcome to the story theatre portion of 
the galaxy!  Here, you'll find Space Cases
fanfiction written by me, my friends, or any
one who wants their stuff up!  If anyone feels
like contributing, then just go ahead and do it!
You can cuss, or anything, really.  I'll even allow
some of  those shipper stories.  I just ask ONE thing.
If you're going to do anything like that, can you try
and include all the characters?  I dont care about any
thing else.  You can make up your own character, anything.



"Multiple Identities": This story is NOT to be taken seriously! ~smile~
"Stop the Insanity!": Warning!! If you have absolutely no sense of humor, dont read this!! If you dont want to read anything silly, dont read this!! If you do, click on the title!
"When Spirits Cross": A parasitic presence invades the crew of the Christa. How will they get rid of it? Read to find out.
"Second Chance": A familiar face of the crew of the Christa shows up on the ship, causing disturbance for everyone.
Fine, Fat Friend: This was my first fanfic ever, so it's not written very well. The most frightening beast on Earth is shot out into space, only to be picked up by the Christa. How will the crew survive?
"You'll Be Sorry": A sequel to "Fine, Fat Friend", a creature seeks vengence from Bova.
"Enchanter of Foz": After a crash landing, Harlan finds himself in a strange new world with recognizable faces. The question is, how does he get back?
The Perfect Mothers Day: This story is one of the BEST I've seen and it's by my friend Wolf! She's very good at this, it made me feel warm and fuzzy and things! Read on and enjoy!
There and Back Again...and Again...and Again...and Again!!: A little story that...well, it's hard to explain...see for yourself!
Bitter-Sweet Revenge: A story by Vblackrose. It's simply unexplainable and wonderful! Read it for yourself!
A Day in the Life [of a Spung]: A story I've just written about Warlord Shank and it if you're open minded, and please give me opinions by e-mailing me.
Time's End: Two crew members of the Christa die, and it's a race against time to "get them back". Now a complete story!!
Someday, One Day: An AWESOME story by my friend Bull to see!
Radu's Unicorn: A story by Rossiter involving Radu's very own unicorn! Very cute, a must read!

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