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Here's an idea!

Okay, I know I havent updated really, but
I couldn't think of anything to put on my
page!  I've been so busy with school.  But 
then it hit me!  A lot of people have been 
so busy with school, they cant update all 
that much.  But what if some of your projects
and things have to do with Space Cases? 
I did an art project of Grub (Kristian Ayre)
from "The Odessey" (I was going to do Radu, 
but my friend wanted to do Radu) and it turned
out relatively okay!!  

You can do things in English too!!  If you have
to write a story, write a Space  Cases story!
If you get to pick a picture to draw, pick a 
Space Cases one!!  I'm going to start doing it,
and that way, it keeps my SC spirit alive! I'll
show everything I ever do in school...and if anybody
has stuff they'd like to share, you can put it on 
your own page or give it here and I'll post it for
you!  So, without further adu (sp?), school SC 

What School/SC project would you like to see first?

Kristian Ayre as Grub from the Odessey: I drew this in my art class...check it out!
Space Cases Color Wheel!: This project was a color wheel project, and this is my poor attempt at making it SC related.
Where's Waldo?: Somewhere hidden in this art project is Radu and the Gizbot!! Can you find them?? Give it a try, and while you're at it, look for other images as well. :o)

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