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Enchanter of Foz

Part Two
By: Tato

"Man, I'm starving," Harlan said to no one in particular.

"We all know, Harlan Band!  You've said it for the MILLIONTH time."

"Well, I am."  Harlan walked along slowly.  They had finally gotten
out of skipping, and he was relieved.  As he roamed with the others,
he noticed something up ahead.  "All  right!  Peach trees!!" Harlan
raced up to the tree and started to pick them off one by one.

"I wouldn't do that," Eltoto remarked.  

"Who cares what you think!"  Harlan picked three out but was surprised
when he saw the tree smack him to the ground.  Harlan got up slightly
confused and in pain.  "What happened?"

"How would you like it if I started picking off pieces of YOU!" the
tree shot back.  Through the wood, a face could be seen.  

"Commander Goddard?"

"What are you talking about, kid?  Get out of here!"

Scarebird looked at the situation and got an idea.  "I'll show you how
to get peaches."  She walked up to the tree.  "I bet you cant hit me!"
She stuck out her tongue and started to tease the tree.

"Why you little!"  The tree started to throw peaches at the three life
forms.  Harlan continued to catch them.  He walked deeper in the woods
and picked up several others...until he saw something....

"What's this?" Harlan said looking up.  "It's...a man!  A man made of
tin!"  He called the others over.  "Look at this!"  Eltoto walked 
over, not ammused by the metalic man.  Scarebird, however, was.

"M Nmt Mde ff tnn.  M Mde ff lmnm fll."


"Harlan, why dont you get him greased up and maybe you can UNDERSTAND
him," Eltoto said in an obvious tone.  

"I knew that," Harlan lied.  He took a small oiling can and poured it
onto the man.   "Now, what were you saying?"

"I can talk!  It's a miracle!  I SAID I'm not made of tin.  I'm made 
of aluminum foil."  Harlan started to laugh hysterically.

"Aluminum foil?  Ooh, real tough guy!"  This caused the others to

"Just remember, I have an ax," he said holding the small hatchet up.
Silence.  "That's better."  

" did you get here?" Scarebird asked foolishly.  

"Well, I..."  Music started to play again.  

"Not again!" Harlan whined.  

"There is NO way I'm going to sing," Aluminum foil man said folding
his arms stubbornly.  The music stopped.  

"Anyway, I was in the woods getting some wood, and it started to snow.
And here I am."

"How can aluminum foil rust?"

"Shut up, big mouth."

"Hah!  First decent thing said to him!" Eltoto shouted out happily.

"Well, you look in perfect condition now," Harlan said with a shrug.

"Me?  Not even close!!  I have no heart."

"No heart?" the three chorused.  

Music started to play again.  

"I thought I said I wasn't singing!" Aluminum foil man shouted out the
air around him.  The music once again stopped.  "Thank you."

"Why dont you come with us to the Enchanter?"

"The Enchanter?"

"Yeah.  I'm going there to get home."

"And I'm getting a memory crystal!"

"And they MADE me go with him."

"I see.  I guess.  Not like I have anything else to do with my
worthless, pitiful, sad, disgusting life."

Harlan nodded.  "Okay, let's go."

Harlan and Aluminum foil man walked slowly down the path while Eltoto
and Scarebird skipped along.  

Harlan, Eltoto, Aluminum Foil Man, and Scarebird made their way to the
forest.  Along the way, they passed an abandoned house.

"I wonder who lives here?" Harlan asked looking at the house.

"No one, Harlan Band.  It's ABANDONED."  

"Can you stop just ONCE?"

"I'm afraid not."

"Aahh, you drive me crazy."

"And your point being?"

"Nevermind."  Harlan prepared to walk away when he saw a puff of smoke
upon the house.  "Man, what's that!"

"Hah, hah, hah!  So, you've made a few friends along the way," the
witch said pointing to Aluminum Foil Man, Eltoto, and Scarebird.  "I'm
warning you.  If you help him, you'll be sorry!!  You Aluminum Foil
Man!  I'll make you into a bee-hive!"

"It wouldn't hold out anyway.  The foil would break or something."

"And YOU Scarebird!  Maybe a little re-programming will fix you!"

"Re-programming?  Where??"

"This is fair warning!!"  The witch laughed maddeningly and exploded
into a ball of smoke.  

"And dont come back!" Harlan yelled, shaken by the witches surprise

"Ooh, REAL threatening now that she's GONE!  Geez, cant even protect
your friends!  PLUS I haven't run into ANY cute guys so far.  What a
waste of time."

"Hey, I'm doing the best I can.  But all I hear from YOU is sarcastic
comments.  Cant you agree with me just ONCE?"

"That would break my record."

"Record?  Of WHAT?"

"My record of how many times I can contradict you."

"Aw...whatever."  Harlan continued.  

As the four beings entered a dark forest, they tried to calm 
themselves from the precious scare with the witch of the equator.

"Ya know, maybe we should just turn back.  I dont NEED a memory

"Dont worry."

"Do you think there are any wild animals here?"

"You know, I think there are.  Like Eaties..."

"And gurkles..."

"And bears..."


"An old earth animal."


"Eaties and gurkles and bears...oh, boy." Harlan said shaking his 

"Eaties and gurkles and bears...oh boy," Scarebird joined in.

"Eaties and gurkels and bears...we're doomed," Aluminum Foil Man 

They each started to get the beat of it until it seemed fun.  

OH BOY!  EATIES AND GURKLES AND BEARS, OH--"  They were cut off by a
loud roar.  

"What was that?" Eltoto said glancing in the forest.  

"We're doomed.  Told you so," Aluminum Foil Man said aloud.  They
ignored him.  

"It came from the forest," Harlan said obviously.  


Each one jumped at the sound of this.  Out of the forest came a bear!!

"Radu!" Harlan shouted relieved.  "Radu, what are you doing in that
stupid costume?  It looks like you put little costume bear ears on and
drew whiskers on your face...along with that black nose!  And what's
that brown jumpsuit you have?"  Harlan started to laugh.

"Harlan, this is NO time for jokes!" Aluminum Foil Man stated.

"Put 'em up, put 'em up!  Who's ready for a fight?  I'll fight you
with one hand tied behind my back.  I'll fight you blind-folded!  Put
'em up, put 'em up!"  Each person backed away from the treatening 
figure.  All except one.  

"You dont scare me!" Eltoto shouted out.  

"Oh yea?  We'll just see about that!"  Radu/bear started to chase the
little spunch-kin around a tree until she stopped dead in her tracks.

"You're just a whimp!" she yelled.  The bear froze.  "Thats right,
buddy!!  A total woose!!  You should be ASHAMED of yourself!!  You're
a DISGRACE to your race!!"  Eltoto stood high and proud.  The bear
lowered it's head and shuffled it's way to a rock.  It sat down.

"Aw...I wasn't scary enough."

"Eltoto, what did you do?"

"Nothing.  I just said what was true.  I stated a fact."

"No one is ever scared of me.  What do I do wrong?  See ya guys 
later."  The bear started to leave.  

"No wait!  What's your name?"

He turned around.  "Rabear."  

Eltoto got a glimpse of him.  "Oh, hi Rabear.  I'm sorry."

"Naw, it's okay.  It's true.  I dont have any confidence."

"No confidence?"

"Nope.  None."

"Well, I shouldn't have said that about you."

"No, it's true."

"It's not!"

"Y-yeah it is." Music started to play once again.  

Life is bad when there's no power
People take you as a flower
They treat you like you're dust
But I could be really scary
Not a bear who's like a fairy
If I only had the trust
I'm afraid I can't deny it
I'm really awful quiet
But now about to bust
And if I could be stronger
May my sentences be longer 
If I only had the trust.  
And I....could tell you hi...without fear of reply
I could talk to you and cough and laugh and sigh
And then I'd *cough* and talk and sigh
I would show the wicked lion
Who's whinin' and who's cryin'
And serve me, yes they must 
With my voice all filled with power
I'd be king at least an hour
If I only had the trust!!!

"No.  You're a very bright bear.  And very adorable too."

Rabear blushed.  "R-really?  Me?  Adorable?"

"Yep!"  Eltoto walked up and held his hand.  "VERY adorable!"

Rabear smiled.  "Gee.  Thanks.  You're very beautiful."

"Oh, that's so sweet!"

"All right love birds.  Can we go now?"

"Where are you going?"

"We're going to see the Enchanter of Foz."

"The Enchanter of Foz?"

"Yeah.  He's gunna help me get home."

"And I'm getting a memory crystal!"

"And I'm getting a heart...although, he probably doesnt have one."

"And I was forced to come along."

"Oh.  C-can I...uh...come along too?"

"Sure you can!" Eltoto shouted out before anyone could deny Rabears
entry to the small group.  "Let's go!"  Eltoto, Rabear, and Scarebird
started to skip along merrily.  Aluminum Foil Man rolled his eyes and
dragged along behind while Harlan just laughed at their foolish

"I give up!  I have to sit down!" Harlan said in the back.  

"Oh dont be a baby," Eltoto remarked.  

"Look, we're NEVER going to get there."

"Yes we are.  There!  Look!"  Eltoto pointed to a large castle-like
building shooting up and reflecting glamourous colors out.

"All right!"  Harlan started to race ahead.    "We just need to go
through those flowers and we're THERE!"  All cheered and chorused.
They raced for the building.  

* * * * * *

"Ah, he's almost there!  We must stop him!" the wicked
witch of the south-east pondered while watching the group head for the
city.  "I know! I'll put them to sleep!"  She laughed a manical
laughter, and began her work.  "Now...sleep.....sleep, Harlan Band....

* * * * * *

As Harlan and the others raced for the city, snow started to come down
from the sky.  "All right!  Snow AND a city!!  This is my day!" Harlan
shouted out.  Harlan suddenly felt incredibly tired, and started to
slow down.  He soon collapsed to the ground and fell fast asleep.

"Oh, wonderful," Eltoto yelled. 

"Ya know...that's...a good idea...." Rabear said sleepily.  He too,
was soon asleep followed by Eltoto.  

"What are we going to do?" Scarebird said slightly panicked.

"We're doomed. We could NEVER lift them all.  We'll all die and I'll
be stuck here," Aluminum man said hopelessly.  

* * * * * *

"Nice try, wicked witch of the equator," Rosenda said to herself.
"But your magic has no contest against mine."  Rosenda pulled a wand
out and swirled it around bringing the sun out and melting the snow
that came.  Each one slowly woke up.  

"What happened?" Harlan said, at last awake.  

"Who cares? Let's just get there!" Eltoto said motioning all of them
to follow her to the city.  They complied.    

Harlan, Eltoto, Rabear, Aluminum Foil Man, and Scarebird all stood at
the doors.  Harlan rang the doorbell.  

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" A young lady who looked remarkably like Catalina
shouted out.  

"We came to see the enchanter," they all chorused together. 

"Cant you KNOCK?"

"Well...the doorbell was right there."

"It's broken!"

"Then how did you hear it? I didn't know it was broken."

"Well it is!  Do it right!"  Catalina/door person slammed the small

Harlan shrugged.  He lightly knocked. 

"Hello!" Catalina said popping her head back in the window.  "That's
better.  Now what can I do for you?  Hey, you're pretty cute."

"Thanks.  We came to see the Enchanter."

"Sorry, NO ONE can see the Enchanter."

"But...we have to!"

"I cant make any acceptions.  Sorry, that's just the way it is."

"But he's Harlan!"

"Harlan?  The witches Harlan?  Well that's different!  Come right in!"
Catalina slammed the window and opened the door.  Inside, there were
strange and unusual looking people all around.  And there was one
horse multicolored.  

"Whoa!  Look at that horse!"

"It's the horse of multiple different colors.  Come right along!"
Catalina grabbed the reins and motioned for the others to get onto the
sled-like transportation device.  

"It matches you, Rainbow Head!" Harlan said with a laugh, not finding
it at all unusual that he was talking to someone who he loved so
dearly but had no clue at the time that it was Catalina.  

"Shut up.  You have a big mouth."

"Oh so true!" Eltoto said happily.  

"Is EVERYONE against me?" Harlan asked to no one in particular.

"Seems that way," Catalina said with a shrug.

"Yep," Eltoto agreed.  

"Anyway, we have to get you ready to see the enchanter!"  Catalina
showed each person where to go.  Aluminum Foil Man would go to the
workshop to get new Aluminum Foil, Rabear would go to get his fur
cleaned, Scarebird would get stuffed with more hay, Harlan would be
cleaned and fed, and Eltoto would stay put.  Each went on their ways.
After being fixed song....they met with eachother at the door
of the Enchanter of Foz.  

"This is GREAT!" Harlan said walking to his comrades.  "Are we ready?"
Harlan, Scarebird, Aluminum Foil Man, Rabear, and Eltoto prepared to
enter when a shot of smoke lit up in the air.  "It's spelling out
something!" Harlan said pointing to the sky.  

Surrender Harlan or esle...oops.  I mean...else!!

"Who's Harlan?" one member from the city asked to no one in 

"The enchanter will tell us!" another said leading the others along.


"Let's ask the enchanter!"

"I agree!"

As the crowd got closer and closer to the large doors, a girl walked
out with a large, fuzzy hat and fuzzy gloves.  

"Okay!  Okay!!  It's okay everyone!  The enchanter says that
everything's okay!  Now GO!!  Now, everyone!"  The girl started to 
shoo the people away until 5 people stood.  

"Sofiana Murtz?  Is that you?" Harlan said getting closer.  

"I said GO!  Are you DEAF or something?"

"We came to see the enchanter."

"Yeah, doesn't everybody.  Look, the enchanter is VERY busy.  Dont
bother us."

Sofiana turned and prepared to leave.

"But wait!  He's Harlan!"

"Harlan?  Harlan Band?"

"Yeah, that's me.  Uh...Rosenda sent me."

"I see.  Well...let me check."  Sofiana slammed the door.  

"Man, I hope we get in."

"Me too," Rabear added in.  "I wish I was a lion.  Then maybe people
would be scared of me."  

"Yeah.  But you make a cute teddy bear," Eltoto said with a smile.

"Teddy bear?  It's not exactly what I was hoping for."


"It's okay."  Harlan started to relax when he realized something.
Music was starting to play again.  

"Oh great!  Not the stupid songs again!" Harlan said pitifully.

Rabear started to sing.  "If I were a lion in the forest....not 
teddy.....not eaty...not dog."  Eltoto smiled and admired his singing
while Harlan started to complain again.  

"Why is it EVERY TIME we do something, there's a song?  I asked for a
comb back when I was getting all ready, and they started to sing the
different choices I had."

Harlan groveled and complained for several minutes until, at last,
Rabear ended his song.  But as he ended it, they heard Sofiana's 

"The enchanter says go away and dont come back!"  Sofiana slammed the
door again.  Each one of their hopes crushed.  Eltoto started to cry.

"You mean....I'm stuck with HARLAN for the rest of my life?" Eltoto
said suddenly.  Tears started to form in her eyes.  

"Oh, it's not that tragic," Harlan said noticing the tears.  

Eltoto broke down and started to cry.  "I'm STUCK with him!!  I
thought he was going to be gone!!  And...he's....staying here!" Rabear
patted her on the back. 

"It's okay, Eltoto."

"No it's not!"

Sofiana looked peeked out of the small window attached to the door and
saw Eltoto crying.  She felt sorry for the poor soul.  "Oh, come on
in," she said opening the door.  "Dont worry.  You'll be rid of him 

"Hey, thanks a lot!" Harlan said offended.  The group got up and
walked down the long corridors.  

"M-maybe we should just...turn back," Rabear said suggestively.

"No way, man.  I didn't come all the way here for nothing."

"This enchanter person probably wont be able to do ANYTHING for us,"
Aluminum Foil Man stated.  

"Lighten up," Eltoto said rolling her eyes.  

"Make me," Aluminum Foil Man retorted.  

"Guys!  Cant we j-just..get along?"  Rabear said slightly annoyed.

The rest of the walk was silence.  There was an occasional cough or
clearing of the throat.  But the best way they could all get along was
to not say anything to start arguements.  Finally, they reached a
large set of doors.  

"Well...where do we go from here?" Harlan asked no one in particular.

"In the doors?" Eltoto said pointing to the entry-way.  


"You asked."

"I'll get the doors," Rabear spoke up.  He raced over and pryed the
doors open.  They all stepped and and stood in awe as they looked at
their surroundings.  The entire area was open except for a womans
face.  At least, they THOUGHT it was.  The size of it was enormous!

"What do you want!" she said impatiently. 

"Suzee?" Harlan said narrowing his eyes to get a better glimpse.

"What do you want?  I dont know what you're talking about, human.
What do you wish?"  Harlan slowly walked up several feet and prepared
to speak.  

"Uh...yeah.  We just wanted to know if you'd do a few things for us

"Silence!"  Harlan, startled by the voice, jumped back to the group.
"Come forward tin man!" the woman shouted.  

"I'm Aluminum Foil Man," he said getting closer.  

"You DARE ask me to give you a heart?  What kind of simpleton are

"A very good one, thank you very much."

"Shut up!"  Aluminum Foil man walked to his original spot.  

"And YOU Scarebird!  You are asking ME for a brain?"

Scarebird walked forward.  "Uh....y-yes.  That's right.  See...I need
it because--"

"That doesn't matter!"

Scarebird ran back to the small group.  

"And what about you Rabear!!"

Rabear walked up reluctantly.  




Rabear only buried his head and walked away.  

"What is WRONG with you!  We came to you for help!  Now WHY wont you
help us?" Harlan said quite annoyed at the fact that the trip seemed
like a waste of time.  

"I have every intention of granting your wishes," she said softly,
yet firm.  

"You do?" Rabear said with a sudden stream of hope in his eyes.

"Yes.  But before I do so, you have to bring back the wicked witch of
the equator's CompuPad of spells."

"But...what if she kills us before we get it?" Rabear said in a shy,
mellow tone.  

"We're doomed."

"Just GO!  And dont return unless you have the CompuPad!!  GO!!"  A
strong gush of wind over came the group and sent most of them flying.
All except Rabear.  Rabear chased after his comrades.  The doors shut.

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