Silent Worries

By: Tato

[Authorís Note: This poem is about Radu...heís up late at 
night, alone, thinking to himself about what may happen when they reach
home....none of this really happens, itís not like a story, this is
more of his thoughts of what may happen...heís afraid that when he returns,
the students will treat him the same, and his friends will forget him,
and the only place heíll end up running to is back on the Christa,
which is the only place he feels home at...anyway, read on, and I really
would like opinions.]

As I sit in silent wonder,
Thoughts of mine begin to thunder,
With my thoughts dangling under
Starry, midnight, blackened skies.

Friends of mine are always cheering,
With eachother, never fearing,
Faithful, caring, never jeering,
Towards my strange and bizzare ways.

ďHome at last, the time is docking,Ē
Talks of family is mocking,
Lonliness begins itís flocking
In my saddened state of mind. 

We return years succeeding,
Children mock and join in teasing,
Never ending, never easing,
As I walk away in tears.

Now forgotten, now forlorn,
My soul forever hit and torn,
I leave the posers, tired and worn,
My home is where I have to stay.

The Christa sits beside my quarters
Careful not to disturb borders,
Having heard my silent orders
Taking me away from pain.

Where will Radu's thoughts wander to next?

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