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I just added another part to this uh, check it out if you want.....and if you feel like being wierd and odd...just add to the story...just dont end it! ::smiles::

A Bit of Silliness

Bova stormed into the Command post where Suzee was sitting, watching 
for any intruders and worrying about the lives of her young comrades. 
She was very much surprised to see Bova.  

"Bova, what are you DOING here?" Suzee asked, completely shocked. 

"Oh shut up."

"Excuse me?"

"CUT!!" the director shouted from off camera.  "What's going on with 
you, Rahi?"

Rahi only glared at Rebecca who immediately burst up laughing.  He 
then reached up to his wishbone and pulled it off while white powder 
came falling down. "It was REAL funny to put itching powder on this 
thing," Rahi said with immense sarcasm towards Rebecca.  She only 

Kristian raced into the room. "What's this I hear from Walter about 
me being fired?" he asked quickly.  "I didn't get a script, did you 
guys?  Why are you here?  You're filming the show?  Without me?  
What's going on here!?!?"

"Naw man," Walter said casaully as he walked onto the set.  "You're 
only going to be  excluded from getting any pay, scripts, and doing 
any episodes for the remainder of the seasons."

"What?  That cant happen!! I was going to buy a dog!  A cute dog, and 
I was going to name it scruffy!!  And I was going to feed it kibble 
and bits and see if it was going to run to the bag and stuff!  You 
know, how they run!! I cant buy kibbles and bits if I dont have a 

"Relax, man, I was only kidding with you.  You're just not going to 
be in this episode."

"And why not?"

"Hey," Paul said walking up with a cigarette in his hand.  "At least 
you dont have to be in the spot I'm in.  I just get out of that 
healing tank, and now the writer kills me off?"

"Well how come you came?"

"Free donuts."

"Look Kristian," the director said patting him on the back, "this 
episode, you just happen to die."

"DIE?  How can I die?  That's not fair!  How'd you make my dead body!!
How will you film that?  Are you really planning on killing me?"

The director was shaken for a moment, then smiled suspiciously and 
said "Why, of course not.  That's rediculous."

Kristian backed away as Cary sighed heavily. 

"Let's get on with it, I havent had lunch yet," she griped.  

"Wait a second, it's 5 pm!!  You havent had lunch?"

"Whatever, I dont want to talk to you right now.  I need some fish."


"Yeah. Or some Pez.  Or something.  And if I get pez, then I have to 
get the pez dispenser.  And if I get that, I have to get the right 
figure, or else I wont eat it.  I dont want spiderman or batman.  But 
then, I'll have to get more Pez in case anyone wants some."

"So get the fish."

"My fish is cooking now."


"In my car."

"In your car?  How is that possible?"

"Speaking of which, I'm going to go get it."  Cary quickly left to 
retreive her fish.  

"Well, I'm sick of being the butt of every joke!  I mean, geez, I 
play some dude from Uranus and--" Rahi was interrupted.  

"Where the sun doesn't shine," Paige murmured under her breath.  

"And I get this?"

"I want some soda," Paige voiced out.  

"Uh...I dont think you need any, Paige.  You had 6 this morning, and 
you've been running around and yelling 'Tommy got abducted' for some 
reason," the director said with a grin. 

"Soda! Soda!!  I need it!! I'll....uh....I'll die!"

"No you wont," Paul said shaking his head. 

"Oh really?"  Paige quickly snatched his cigarette and raced away, 

"Come back with that!!!!  I'll die!"

"No you wont!!" she shouted back.  

"So am I fired or not?" Kristian asked with an exasperated sigh.  

"Uh....I guess not."


"Well...we dont NEED Radu on the show, do we guys?" Walter asked.

"Yes WE do!!" Kristian stated.  

"Naw, I could do without him," Paige said with a shrug. 

"Yeah, it would save a lot of money on make-up."

"I know!! I know!! about Radu changes to human, and Kristian 
still has a job!!" Kristian said, extremely worried.  

"Or we could just cut the costs of Radu all together," Rahi said, 
completely enjoying himself.  

"NO!!  You cant do that!! I'll....I'll....I'll....uh....."

"You'll what?"

"I dont know."


"Anyone want any PEZ???" Cary shouted while walking in with a large 
salmon and a pez dispenser.  

"Ew, that stuff tastes like crap," Paul said making a face.  

"What did you say??" Cary asked, dropping her dead fish and making an 
enraged fist.  

"Pez tastes terrible.  It's the cheapest candy in the world, and they 
even let you KNOW through the bland flavor," Paul said casually.  

"Why you..." Cary raced towards Paul, leaping for his throat, and 
missed, making a large thumping sound as she hit the concrete, 

"I won, I won, I won!!" Paige shouted, hopping up and down.  

"What did you win?" Kristian asked curiously.  

"A free giraffe!!" she squealed happily.  

"A giraffe?  How'd you win that?" Walter questioned.  

"It's one of those look under the cap things!!" Paige shouted 
gleefully, holding up a cap from yet another soda.  "This calls for a 
celebration!!!"  She quickly raced away.  

"What's that all about?" the director asked, slightly confused. 

"I dunno," Rebecca said shrugging it off.  "Are we going to finish 
this or not?"

"I dont know, the knives arent in place for him yet," Walter said 
pointing to Kristian. 

"KNIVES?  What knives? What are they for? You're not going to kill me 
are you?"  

The director, again, got a disturbed  and suspicious look on his face,
then smiled, making Kristian slightly uncomfortable.  

"Come THIS way Kristian," the director said leading the way.  

"No!!" Kristiain said halting himself.  "I think this is all an evil 
plot to kill me!  Some sort of conspiracy!!  Some sort of government 
conspiracy take over the world or something!!"

"Conspiracies are what we investigate," Mulder said as he and Scully 
walked up, flashing his badge in the faces of the crew of the Christa.

"Special agents Mulder and Scully, FBI," Scully said pointing 
themselves out.  "You said something about a conspiracy?" 

Mulder pulled out a notepad and pen, and stared at Kristian, as if to 
signal him to speak.  

"I didn't MEAN it...I was just SAYING...."

"Oh," Mulder said, slightly annoyed.  "Fine, forget it."

"Yeah, whatever, we dont need this," Scully added in, equally as 
annoyed.  Both Mulder and Scully walked briskly away, leaving the 
cases to argue.  

Kristian continued. "Is it a plot? You know, to take over the world 
or something?"  Kristian waited for a response, but instead, heard 
another voice behind him.  

"What's this I hear?" Brain said while Pinky strolled along behind 

"Narf!!  Ha ha ha ha!!  Egad Brain, you dont think they're planning 
to turn the world into airheads so we'll have control of them do you 
Brain?  Zort."  

Brain's hands were clenched in fists of rage. It only took him a 
moment to swing around and bop Pinky on the head, leaving poor Pinky 

"I was....I wasn't SERIOUS!!!" Kristian shouted, even more flustered 
than before.  

Brain and Pinky stared at him blankly, then nodded, and left without 
a word.  

-submitted by me, Tato

* * * * * *

Pinky sat down just staring at the Brain.

"Stop staring at me Pinky, I'm thinking," snapped the Brain.

"Duh.." Pinky's voice trailed off.


"What?" asked Rebecca.

"Jeff and Lindsay have been bugging me with that for days!!!" Paige 
paced back and forth. "I'm going to get Lindsay especially...she's 
starting to ask people to IM me saying 'SOMEONE POISONED THE 

"Uh..Paige..what the hell are you talking about?" asked Walter.

Paige reached into her pocket and found a rusty butter knife. "I'M 

"Two bad, Rossie already hit her on the head with a mailbox," muttered

Walter looked from Paige to Kristian. "I don't know what's going on 

"Let's get outta here, Pinky. These people lack intelligence," said 
Brain. Pinky and the Brain stormed out of the room.

"The dead fish is finally done!!" cheered Cary.

"I'd like some please," said Paul.
"EEEWWW..who wants a dead fish?" asked Rahi.
"Me!" yelled Rebecca.
"I'm a Power Ranger!!" yelled Walter. "I have the power of the Black
Ranger!!!" He flipped in the air.
"I'm not going to be fired, right?!" asked Kristian.
"No, kid. Your just gonna be suspended from the set," said Bill Mumy.
"I am not a kid! I'm 20 yrs old for pete's sake! I'm an adult!!" 
roared Kristian. "And you can't suspended me from the set! I'm here to
portray Radu!"
"And I'm here to eat a dead fish." Paul grabbed the fish from Cary and
began to knaw on it like a dog.
"GIVE THAT BACK!!" screamed Cary.
Paul leaped into the air, and began crawling on his hands and knees at
full speed. Cary chased him into his dressing room.
"It would be easier for both of us if you gave me back my fish," said 
Paul ate the fish in three seconds. "You'll have to cut me open to 
get it back now."
Cary knocked an eye brow. "Oh Paige..can I borrow your knife?"
"NO!!" screamed Paige. "This knife will be used to kill Lindsay. I 
must fine her!"

"Rossie already filed missiles at her, Paige," muttered Kristian.
"But she survived!" wailed Paige.
Kristian stood up straight. "She did?"
"Yes," said Paige. "I must find her!"
"No!" screamed Kristian. "Don't harm her."
"Give me the knife," muttered Cary.
"I want to kill Lindsay Arends!!" yelled Paige. "Mr. Hat is right! 
Lindsay has gone too far!!!"
"I WANT THAT KNIFE!!" screamed Cary. Paige and her began to fight for 
the knife.
"Put the knife down!!" yelled Walter. "For I am the Mighty Black 
"This is too weird. I'm gettin' outta here," said Rebecca.
"No one leaves the room!" shouted Walter.
Suddenly, three teenagers entered the room.
"Who are you?" asked Rahi.
"I'm Rossie," said a tall girl with brown hair and green eyes.
"I'm Tato," said a girl with blue eyes and brown hair.
"I'm.." the third girl began.
"Paige, calm down," said Rebecca.
"Yep. You got that right." Lindsay grinned. "SOMEONE POISONED THE 
Paige raised the knife and came charging towards Lindsay.

-submitted by Lindsay Arends....thanks Linds, it's awesome!

+ + + + + +

"Paige!!!  For goodness sakes, GIVE ME THE KNIFE!" Cary shouted before
Paige could bring the knife down on Lindsay.  

-Submitted by me, Tato, so the story will make a BIT more sense...

"No, you can't have my knife!" Paige shouted.  "Its only purpose is to
kill Lindsay.  After I've done that, then you can have it. Besides, 
don't you have PEZ to eat right now?"

"Oh yeah, that's right, I do."  Cary, forgot about her fish and dug 
through her pockets and found her favorite PEZ dispenser.    "Would 
you like some PEZ now Paul?" she asked sweetly.

"I told you that stuff tastes like crap!!  I don't want any.  I 
wouldn't eat it if my life depended on it."

"Well, it just so happens that it does.  If you're going eat my fish, 
then you're going to eat my Pez.  Otherwise I'll have to kill you."

"Uh... well, when I said I wouldn't eat it if my life depended on it, 
I meant 'hand it over, and I'll eat so much I be more hyper then Paige
was when she drank 6 sodas.'"

"That's much better Paul.  Now what flavor would you like?  Never 
mind, it's going to be grape.  I hate that kind, so they're all yours."

"Hey," Kristian said loudly.  "I'd really like to get my script now if
you don't mind.  And of course, I'd like to go buy my Scruffy some 
Kibbles and Bits. So, if we're done here, may I please go?"

"Of course Kristian, we don't need you for the rest of the season very
much anyway.  You've been kidnapped by the Spung and have to be resued
by the rest of the cast.  We'll get your script for that as soon as we
can type it up."  The director was having a lot of fun teasing Mr.Ayre
about him losing his job.  

"No one can leave," Walter shouted again.  "I have given no one 
permission to leave.  I am the Black Ranger and you must do as I say!"

"Uh... Jewel should be here any minute so Catalina can trade places 
back with Suzee, Walter.  Do you really want her to see you this way?"

"No, but I am the Black Ranger, and I must come before as I truly 

"Walter, may I go to the bathroom?"  Paige asked quitely.  "I really 
shouldn't have drank all those sodas.  Now I need to go bad."

"Sure, go right ahead.  I don't need you to have an accident now."

As Paige walked into the bathroom, she grabbed her purse.  'Thank 
goodness the mental place left me their number in case this ever 
happened again,' she thought.  Grabbing her cell phone, she quickly 
dialed the number and held a breif conversation with the worker in 
charge.  "Can you hurry?  I'm afraid he's worse than before.  Ever 
since Rebecca came on the show, he's started to think he's really 
the Black Ranger.  Thank God Jewel's coming back.  Maybe she can 
straighten him out."

Flushing the toilet, she walked back into the room where everyone was 
and smiled.

They knew at once what she had done and were relieved.  

Walter had his back turned to her so he didn't see the vase slowly 
coming down toward his head.

-Contributed by Kara


CRASH!!!  The vase slammed down on Walter's head, leaving him 
unconsious on the floor.

"Finally, that psycho's gone!" Rebecca said, relaxing herself and 
sitting down into a chair.  

"Anybody want some LICORICE?" Rahi asked in an obsessive tone, 
clutching several pieces of licorice and shaking violently.  

"Uh...Rahi..." the director said, moving closer, "I think you've had
too much...give it here.."

"NO!!" Rahi shouted, backing away.  

Paige shook her head and laughed.  She then scanned the room, and 
gripped her butter knife.  "Now....LINDS....we need to talk about

"Someone poisoned the brandy!!" Linds shouted, grinning.  

Both Rossie and Tato laughed.  Linds then turned.  "Hey, Tamar, some
thing happened in the back seat!"

Tato turned and glared.  "Paige, let me use that knife," Tato said in
a calm tone.  

"Forget it, get your own!!"

"I WILL!" she said, a bit outraged.  "Rahi, give me some licorice, now."

Rahi stared at her blankly.  

"RAHI!! Give me the licorice!!"

"Whoa, guys, I still have a job, right?" Kristian said, remembering 
about the danger of him losing his job.  

"Relax, Kristian.  You can find another, cant you?" he director piped 
up, smiling. 

"NO!!!!  What...what about Scuffy and Kibbles and Bits???" Kristian 
said with a pained look in his eyes.

"NO KIBBLES AND BITS FOR SCRUFFY!" Walter shouted as he hopped back up
from the floor.  "The Black Ranger DEMANDS no kibbles and bits!"

"Well the Black Ranger can go stick a fork up his--" Paul started, but
was cut off by an elbow jabbed in his stomach.  He glared at Cary who 
only smiled, satisfied.  

"I know what speed's name is," Anik voiced in.  

"Huh?" everyone asked simultaneiously, slightly confused by the 

"Speed Racer," she explained.

"What about him?" the director asked, with no particular interest in 
the subject.

"That's his name, I just wanted to say that," she concluded.

Everyone sighed heavily, shaking their heads.

"Moo," Rebecca said casually.

"Moo?" Walter asked, slightly confused.

"Moo," she said nodding, as if it were understood.

"....What about moo?" Kristian asked, slightly lost.

"You dont know about MOO??" the director said with utter shock.

Kristian shifted nervously,then shook his head.

Paige laughed.  "That's okay, it's just shocking," she said through 

Kristian sighed.  "Well, I want to be a space ranger now," he said with
an exasperated sigh.  


"Because of the peanutbutter men," he said casually.

"THE PEANUTBUTTER MEN ARE COMING!!!" Paige shouted suddenly, making all
jump from the surprise.  

"Geez, dont do that!" a voice came from out of nowhere.

"Who's that?" Rebecca asked, looking around.

"YOU know!  It's Jewel!" 

"Jewel, where are you!"

"How do I get back from Yensid, I cant figure this  thing out!" Jewel's
voice sounded off, a bit frustrated.  

Rebecca sighed, and rolled her eyes. "Is it ON?"

"YES, but thanks to YOUR little jump," Jewel continued, "it's BROKEN."


"Mister director, how do you work this thing?" Jewel asked, quickly.

"Uh...kick it," he said with a shrug.

"Is that the answer to ALL a guy's problems?" Jewel asked as they heard
a loud sound.  

"Back!" Jewel said, hopping out of nowhere.

"Hi Jewel," everyone said in a dull tone.  

"Well, I'm glad to see I'm appreciated," she said sarcastically.

"Oh, you ARE," Paige said, pointing to Harlan who was doing martial arts
moves in the corner of the room.  "He's gone mad!!  He thinks he's the
black power ranger!"

Jewel giggled at the comment, only to realize it was true.  "I'll see
what I can do," she said, determined.  Jewel strolled over to Walter and
tapped him on the shoulder.

"I am the mighty.....whoa!!!"  Walter fell back into several boxes and
hit his head, sending him to unconcsiousness once again.  

"Aw shoot....Warlord Shank ate with a spoon," she said with a sigh, and
strolled back.  

"What did you say?" Kristian asked suspiciously.


"You said something after 'aw shoot', what was it?"

Jewel shrugged. "I dont know what you're talking about."

"Give me some licorice, Rahi!! I NEED TO KILL LINDS!!" Tato said with a
crazed look in her eyes.  

"NO!!" Paige shouted defensively, "I shall be the one to kill her!!  Me
and my free giraffe will do the job just FINE!!"

"In the back of the seat?" Linds said with a grin.


"Yes, Tamar? Hop in,hop out!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!" Tato screamed, running back and forth.  

"What with her?" Kristian asked with a side glance towards Tato.

"LICORICE! I need the evil licorice to kill Linds!!!" Tato shouted.  

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-Submitted by me, Tato


"Uh...Kristian could you pack up your stuff to take home. We need the
space for that new Video arcade game we're buying for the set with
what used to be your salary," the director replied with a smile.  

"Where is Lindsay!?!? She must die! Who saw where see went!?!?" Paige
shouted in a crazed manner.

A woman with two men the size of superman walked into the studio 
"Hello. We're from Nuthouse To The Stars. We're hear to fetch Walter."
One said with a formal handshake to the director.

"He's over there!!" Everyone shouted and pointed to the box pile.

"Thanks you'll have him back by yesterday." They quickly went over to 
fetch him. 

"Hey," said Kristian, "while Wal's in the nut house," (Walnut)"Can I
have his part so I can buy Scruffy the Chiwawa and kibel and bits?"

Submitted by Blinxx_13
(Thanks a bunch Blinxx!!)

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