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For the entire first season, Suzee was referred to
as "Imaginary".  Suzee's dimension is called Yensid
(Disney spelled backwards!).  Suzee has blue, red,
and purple streaks in her hair, and she has gills.  
Suzee is EXTREMELY smart.  She's caught the attention
of Radu and Harlan and led them into a love triangle.  
Suzee can leap through people's minds, but he doesn't 
like to do it much because it makes her feel a tad bit 

Much like Harlan, she's one girl who DOESN'T need an 
ego boost.  She's pretty sure of her capabilities.  I 
got the impression, at first, that all Yensidians had 
streaks in their hair.  But after Thelma changed (in 
"Both Sides Now"), I figured they didn't.  Maybe it's 
just the environment they live in.  :::shrugs:::  I 
really dont have much to say on this character.  
Personally, I liked the Suzee they portrayed in "Spung 
at Heart" when Cat changed to Suzee.

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