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A Thanksgiving Feast

By: KayLynn

'Twas Thanksgiving on the Christa, and all through the ship
People were skipping lunch.  Not one potato chip!
All of the Cases, be they Earther or Non-
Knew something better was coming.  The oven was on!

The Food Wheel rested, for though it was quick
Ms. D. insisted "home-cooked" was the trick.
They gathered in the galley.  They cooked and they boiled!
The good smells sustained them as they labored and toiled.

Finally, at 7:00, they thought it was done
So they set the table and prepared for the fun.
To help Suzee with her chair the contestants were two
(I'd mention their names, but I think you know who).

The Commander carved the turkey.  His skill was great!
He passed out the slices, and each Case loaded their plate.
"Mashed potatoes?  Stuffing?  Cranberry sauce?"
On this happy day, one's stomach's the boss…

Then they chowed down.  Wow, what a feast!
This ought to happen every month, at least.
Banter filled the air.  Everyone was cheerful.
Tales of old times, oh, what an earful!

At last, with a sigh, everyone got up.
All cleared their plate, their fork, their cup.
Dishwashing, however, was left till next morning -
Tiredness had hit them without any warning.

Each person got ready for a good night's sleep
Thinking of the memories they wanted to keep.
As into dreamland they started to veer,
One thought persisted: "I can't wait till next year!"

Copyright © 1999 KayLynn.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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