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Thelma stands for Techno Human EmuLating MAchine.
Thelma was found on the Christa by Harlan.  But 
he stepped on her crystal, cracking it.  Now, she's
a little bit....odd.  (but who says that's a bad 
thing?)  Thelma has this strange talent of popping 
up right behind Goddard or another crew member the 
moment her name leaves their lips.  She's one of the 
funniest characters on Space Cases, aside from Bova.  

Thelma seems to be a lot of people's favorites, from 
what I've seen, but I can see why.  She's funny and 
can be helpful at times.  The way she takes bad news 
is hillarious.  She just smiles and shrugs it off.  
Without her, the show just wouldn't be the same!

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