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Christmas on the Christa: Part Three

In the eyes of: Ms Davenport

A new day to start
And I'm quite excited
The Christmas tree's set
And each light is lighted.

The ornaments shine
And presents look great
The students will learn
I simply cant wait!

An earth kind of holiday,
It's something they've earned
The students will enjoy this
And will also have learned.  

I wait in the classroom
Till students arrive
The first who is coming
Is one out of five.

It's Harlan who enters
And he seems a glow
He knows of this holiday
That certainly does show.  

I run up to meet him
We both jump for glee
What a wonderful celebration
For students to see.

Next comes in Bova
He looks rather bored
He walks in the room
There's nothing he adored.

The more people enter
The more confused looks
I wonder if this idea
Should be taught by the books.

They all take their seats
Now I can  go teach
They’ll see why it’s decorated,
Their brains, I will reach.

By the end of class
The students will know
What has gone on
And what I did show.

The students now leave
And they understand
They finally see
The Christmasy plan.

Oh, I am so proud
To finally see
That they’ve actually learned something
And learned it from me!

~Ms Davenport

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