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Christmas on the Christa: Part Five

By: KayLynn (Thanx, KayLynn!!)
In the eyes of: Elmira

I had just boarded the Christa,
Escaping my father.
I was glad to see the 'Cases.
Missing Radu's been a bother.

Uncertainly, though, I looked
'Round the place.
Where had they gotten these decorations?
There are no stores in space.

"Radu," I said, startled, 
"What is all this stuff?
"Did you get it from the Hil,
"Or maybe the Luff?"

"No," he said, grinning,
"This stuff's from the hold."
I wanted to ask more,
But did not feel bold.

So I silently watched
As they scurried around,
Placing on the walls
The stuff they had found.

They were all talking,
Quite happy and cheerful.
So my worries stopped,
And I ceased to be fearful.

They put up banners
Of bright red and green.
The results were spectacular!
A sight to be seen.

I still kept watching
As ornaments were hung
On a tree unlike any
I'd seen owned by the Spung.

And then they started singing
Songs they called "carols."
All about a small Child
And angelic heralds.

I felt a good feeling.
I like this event!
I'll ask them to explain to me
What all this meant.

I want to know more -
This feels so right.
But for now, Merry Christmas!
And to all a good night.


Copyright  1998 KayLynn.  All rights reserved.  Used by permission.

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