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Christmas on the Christa

In the eyes of: Bova

It was a day on the Christa
Nothing too new
Harlan woke up
And his spirits just flew.

I simply ignored him
Continued my day
There was nothing so special
On a day like today.

He froliced to class
And grinned ear to ear
And happily skipped,
The more he got near.

“Earthers,” I said,
Rolling my eyes.
I walked in the classroom
And saw a surprise.

The classroom had things
Spread ‘round the class
It made Harlan smile
His eyes turned to glass.

Ms D had a grin
Spread ‘cross her face
And Harlan was happier
Than any other race.

He could have beat Rosie
In the game of glee
This boy was happy
That was plain to see.  

I slowly walked in
And sat in my chair
I didn’t know what was happening
And I didn’t really care.

I sighed and I yawned
At the unusual day
And I watched the two Earthers
Envy over today.  

I watched as confusion 
Was spread in the room
The others were coming
To Ms D’s room of doom.

Suzee had entered
She looked very lost
The decorations around us
Should have been tossed.

The red and the green
Were all around the place
And who knew what point
They had in this case.  

I was quite tired
Of joy and delight
I came to a conclusion:
This day was not right.

I looked in my compupad
And found planning parts
I marked it on the calander
As “Earthling illness starts”.  

I continued with “They’re crazy.
They go more berserk.
The strangest of creatures,
I wish I knew how they worked.” 

I set down my compupad 
And slumped in my chair.
Harlan took a seat;
Ms D stopped acting rare.

Class had begun, 
We learned quite a lot
For starters, we  saw
What diseases they got.

They told us of Christmas 
And decorated plants
They described many things
Like presents, song, and dance.

This holiday was  yearly
And unusual too
I knew what went on
Now what was I to do?

A yearly celebration
Brings me new fears
A yearly bit of sanity 
For seven grueling years.



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