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Christmas on the Christa: Part Three

In the eyes of: Suzee

I get up this morning
And mess with my hair
I need something to do 
Something thatís rare.

Something thatíll intrigue
And make people focus
On the beautiful locks,
With something to notice.

I sigh in deep thought
And just put it back
I look great like that;
Thereís nothing I lack.

I put on my makeup
And now I look stunning
Harlan will love me,
Oh, I am so cunning.  

I exit the bunkroom
And stroll through halls
I think I hear singing
Absorbing the walls.

I walk to the classroom
And thatís where I find
The crew being carolers!
Theyíre losing their minds.

They sing of a holiday
To celebrate and smile
Well this is a vision
I havent seen in a while.

The whole crew is happy
And Harlan looks fine
Radu looks so gorgeous
They both should be mine.

I walk in the room
The colors shine through
I wonder what oddness
The crew is up to.

Thereís a tree in the corner
And presents underneath
Some stockings are hung
By candles and a wreath.  

A season called Christmas
Thatís something Iíll do
For me, itíll be easy
Thereís nothing I cant do!


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