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Yakko Warner

Yakko Warner is the eldest of
the three warners.  He is also
heir to the throne of Anvilania.
There's no better king you can 
ask for, if you ask me!  Yes, with
Yakko's witty remarks and his 
famous "Ehhhhh...goodnight everybody!",
he has become a very popular
character!  Sometimes, Yakko can be
seen on this very lot, either reaking
havok, or running to a rehearsal! 
His stylish pants and his incredible
talent for singing songs (All the words
in the English Language, Nations of the
World, and MANY others) gives him a
very wonderful talent, which is why 
he's contracted with this lot! Yes,
folks, if you keep a close eye out, you
may just see him!

Yakko, King of Anvilania

Which Warner would you like to meet now?

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